These Travel Outfits Will Make You Feel Like The Airport’s Main Character

If you’ve yet to encounter main character energy, then let us bring you up to speed: It’s TikTok’s name for viewing oneself as the star protagonist of the drama that is life. Even the smallest and most inconsequential moments possess weighty narrative potential; like rolling out of bed and throwing on a baseball cap over hair that hasn't been washed this week. It’s all just part of the story. One of the most common places for main-character peacocking? The airport — aka a zone that's brimming with missed connections, meaningful glances, and mysterious strangers. So, let's explore how exactly to get into character for your next trip to the (asphalt) runway.
With main character syndrome in mind, we let our imaginations run a little wild and dreamt up some stylish looks for starring in the next blockbuster hit titled My Airport Life. Hence, we've organised the airport outfit inspirations into archetypes with corresponding weekender bags, trusty travel shoes, jet-set accessories, and more. But, don't worry, we didn't get too wild — the airplane-ready outfits ahead are ready to inject a comfortable amount of drama into your travel plans.
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