The TikTok Home DIYs That Live Rent-Free In My Mind

I'm surprised that no one has conducted a scientific study on the mental health benefits of a good time-lapse video. What has been studied, though, is the mood boost that specific interior design choices can bring.
Home DIY is a genre of TikTok that is both inspiring and utterly relaxing. What other content can you say is ASMR-adjacent and productive? Watching a piece of furniture being constructed in under three minutes is my faux productivity for the day.
As a lifelong renter, home decor trends often come and go without much participation on my end. But that's starting to change. Over on TikTok, there is a community of cash-strapped, crafty folk who have to answer to landlords too.
Here we compile some of our favourite home decor DIYs that are actually doable. Most will set you back under $100 and will give you the satisfaction of saying, "That? I made it myself".
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