Locks Of Love: 5 Trending Hairstyles For A Spring Refresh

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There's something about spring that makes us want to drastically change something about ourselves. The changing of the seasons inspires freshness in our lives — who knows, we might just jump ship, change our names and move abroad. Or... we might try out a new hairdo (an equally big life decision, obviously).
Many of us are guilty of rocking up to the hairdressers with the same cut in mind. Because of that, said people often have the haircut today that they did when they were a teenager. I am said people.
The past couple of years has seen a new wave of shaggy, fringy hairstyles take over Aussie and international hair salons. With so many iterations of layer-loving cuts, it's left us wondering what's next on the hair scene.
Our friends at Pinterest have collated data around the hair colours and cuts that are growing in popularity in Australia, just in time for the sunnier weather. Here, we take you through the five trending hairstyles you can try on for size this spring.

1. Face-framing curtain bangs

Curtain bangs aren't leaving the limelight any time soon. Pinterest has seen a 75% increase in searches for face-framing curtain bangs. The style is loved for its ability to complement one's face shape by creating an effortless sweep across the forehead. Celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Hilary Duff have been seen donning the long fringe recently.

2. Chin-length hair

Bobs are like '90s fashion — they always find a way to come back in style. The bob craze isn't going anywhere, and while there are a lot of bob iterations, Pinterest users are currently fond of a classic chin-length cut. Searches for this style are up by 50%. Any hairdo that allows for a lush breeze on the back of our necks is a good one in our books.

3. Chunky highlights

Y2k is back in a big way, so it's no surprise that its hair trends are following suit. We've seen money pieces dominate over the last year and the market for contrasting dye is not slowing down — much to the disdain of many millennials, who lived through the hype the first time. Searches for chunky highlights have risen by 35% — keep your subtle balayage; we're looking for striking, statement hair choices.

4. Ice blonde hair

Ice, ice, baby. Cool-toned hair is on the rise; just take a look at the ice blonde hair trend that has seen searches increase by 45% on Pinterest. As temperatures rise, hair hues counter by bringing coolness.

5. Lavender hair

Dopamine dressing... but for your hair. Yes, lavender hair is on the rise, with Pinterest reporting a search growth of 35%. The pastel hair colour is a surefire way of injecting some fun into your spring outfits and goes hand-in-hand with hot pink, one of this year's biggest trends.
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