Netflix Just Launched A Website Revealing Its Most Popular Titles

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Where once Netflix was pretty cagey about its most popular titles, it's gradually become more open to revealing what subscribers are actually watching. This week, the streaming giant has launched a new website listing its most watched TV and films in countries across the world.
Every Tuesday, Netflix's Top 10 website will publish four global charts: the 10 most popular films in English, the 10 most popular films in languages other than English, the 10 most popular TV shows in English, and the 10 most popular TV shows in languages other than English.
"These lists rank titles based on weekly hours viewed: the total number of hours that our members around the world watched each title from Monday to Sunday of the previous week," Netflix explains.
Netflix will also be publishing country-specific lists every Tuesday, so it's now possible to see which TV shows and movies are most popular in Australia. This week's film chart shows that people are already in the mood for Christmas movies, with the Netflix original Father Christmas Is Back making the list.
Another Netflix original Christmas movie, Love Hard with Nina Dobrev and Jimmy O. Yang, is proving to be an even bigger hit – it's at number two this week. Check out the top 10 below.
1. Red Notice
2. Love Hard
3. The Harder They Fall
4. Father Christmas Is Back
5. Cold Pursuit
6. Army of Thieves
7. My Spy
8. The Gentlemen
9. Knives Out
10. Yara
Meanwhile, this week's TV top 10 reveals that Maid, Squid Game and the deeply problematic You are all doing well. Check out the full list below.
1. Maid
2. Big Mouth, season 5
3. Narcos: Mexico, season 3
4. You, season 3
5. Squid Game, season 1
6. Mom, season 1
7. Dynasty, season 4
8. Arcane, season 1
9. Catching Killers, season 1
10. Mom, season 2

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