13 Fresh New Year Haircut Trends, Predicted By Top Stylists

Photo via @lindsayshair.
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2022 saw so many viral haircut moments, it's impossible to pinpoint a favourite.
January was all about the 'octopus' haircut, combining lots of layers at the base of the neck that fan out really prettily and resemble octopus tentacles. Come February, we were all obsessed with the 'butterfly' cut, which blended shorter top layers into a series of longer layers for a wispy effect.
Summer was all about bobs, of course, with the 'bottleneck bob' and the 'Italian bob' reigning supreme. And as we moved into autumn, hair took inspiration from the alphabet, with the U-shape haircut and C-shape layers blowing up on Instagram and TikTok.
With 2023 off to a fast start, you can expect a plentitude of shiny new cuts and according to top hairstylists, there's something for everyone.
Here's all the haircut inspiration you need for the new year.
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