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How 9 LGBTQIA+ Models Harness Fashion & Makeup To Express Their Queerness

Queerness is inherently tied to fashion and appearances — but it's not one-size-fits-all; queerness, just like personal style, is uniquely dependent on the individual.
It might seem like there is a 'right' way to look queer, a certain outfit or haircut that will signal your LGBTQIA+ status to the world, but there isn't.
We went backstage at Nicol & Ford's Australian Fashion Week show where all models proudly identify as LGBTQIA+ to hear more about the intersection between identity and appearances.
"Nicol & Ford believes the fashion industry, primarily created and powered by the queer community, should be brought to life by the queer community," the brand's founders said in a statement. With hair director Diane Gorgievski for Redken and Jade Diaz as makeup director, the show embraced individuality and eccentricity.
Here, we're not turning to the designers or fashion week attendees for inspiration, but to the models themselves. Read on to see what fashion and makeup mean to these queer creatives.
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