This Laundry Detergent Smells Better Than Your Favourite Fancy Candle

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There are two ways to think about a $53 laundry detergent that smells, arguably, better than your favourite fancy candle. Considering that you can probably buy a year's worth of regular laundry detergent for that price, your first response might be an Elaine Benes GET OUT!! shout. But, if you pause and think it over for a second, it may just start to register as a steal in surprise. After all, consider the bucks you've shelled out over the years for those status votives with their luxury scents and 60-hour burn times. Now, compare that to the time you'd spend with 60 loads of laundry that come out of the wash smelling like something that puts your favourite perfume to shame. That's 60 loads full of sheets, towels, shirts, and more, all cocooned in a nearly indescribably sumptuous scent. That's the promise behind DedCool's Dedtergent.

I'd describe it as light and surprisingly fresh with a subtle warmth. If you could only buy one, I would recommend Milk. There are truly no words to describe how heavenly it smells.

The coolest fragrance brand around has created laundry detergent featuring its signature fragrances (like our favourite, Dedcool Milk) that will leave you wanting to do nothing more than sniff your own underwear, socks, and dishtowels. All. Day. Long. Oh, and did we mention that it comes in an Instagram-worthy tin that somehow turns the dreaded act of doing laundry into a covetable self-care moment? Still, $53 is not 'let me toss in my dirty underwear, socks, and dishtowels' type of cash. So, to determine whether or not this very trendy new detergent lives up to its luxurious promise, I washed a load of my own with it. Find the full review, below.
When I received what can only be described as a very trendy tin can, my roommate and I spent a little bit too much time passing it to each other and inhaling the scent. That's how good it is. Perfect for machine-washing or hand-washing, the formula is made with plant-based and biodegradable ingredients and nontoxic chemicals. Plus, the aforementioned good-looking tin can is 100% recyclable and environmentally conscious (offering 60 washes per can). Did I mention it's very aesthetically pleasing? A celebrity influencer of laundry detergents, if you will.

This is hands down the best laundry experience I've had. From scent to final result *chef kiss* Not only are my clothes clean and SOFT. It smells insane.

Dedcool Reviewer
As for the washing experience, my clothes definitely felt the difference. They felt clean and the smell lasted for about three days after I folded them. On my reusable face masks: the Milk scent was subtle enough to smell heavenly AND not give me a headache. The one drawback is that my clothes weren't as soft as they usually are. Since I normally use those handy detergent-softener combos, I don't have a separate softener to use on the Dedtergent loads. If you are used to softeners, I would just recommend buying an unscented one so you're not mixing scents. The other negative about the tin can is that it doesn't have a measuring cup of its own, so I had to improvise. It turned out fine, but for my own peace of mind, I would have loved a measuring cup. The handwashing experience was excellent, though. My bras felt clean and, of course, smelled amazing.

I’ve purchased probably 4 for myself and 4-5 as gifts for friends and family, we are all hooked. There is NOTHING better than this gorgeous fragrance lingering on my clothes all day. And the scent lasts!!

DedCool Reviewer
All in all, though, it resulted in a load of laundry that smelled like the perfection that is DedCool's scents. And since that's what I can't shut up about, here's a breakdown of the two options currently available in Australia, including the main notes and scent strength, as well as what other real-life customers think of it. Keep on scrolling to see which one you should add to cart.
It's DedCool's No. 1 best-selling and top-rated fragrance for a reason. Milk, named after its comforting smell (there's no actual milk washing your clothes, don't worry), is the lightest scented Dedtergent offered. Still, the scent is 100% there. It features a blend of bergamot, white musk, and amber. I'm no scent expert, but I'd describe it as light and surprisingly fresh with a subtle warmth. If you could only buy one, I would recommend Milk. There are truly no words to describe how heavenly it smells.

Obsessed with the way this makes my laundry smell! So clean and much more elevated than your typical scented detergent. Came back to buy my second jug; it's THAT good.

Dedcool Reviewer
This Dedtergent has a very fresh and sweet mix of amber, vanilla, and fresh dew scents. On the bottle, the strong sweetness of the vanilla and spiciness from the amber is pretty much all that comes through. I'm not a sweet/spicy-scent person, so I wasn't a huge fan. But if you are, then don't worry, it's not headache-inducing either: Like the general theme of these, the smell was a lot more subtle on the clothes.
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