Christmas Gift Guide

26 Gift Ideas Guaranteed To Please Even The Pickiest Person You Know

Photo: Design by Marli Blanche
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For the most part, we actually enjoy buying Christmas gifts. We delight in finding that one trinket that’s going to surprise our loved ones, but there are always outliers in this shopping scenario — the people that leave us hemming, hawing and endlessly scrolling to find the just-right thing that will satisfy their highly exacting tastes. The kind-of-difficult ones.
You know the type: If you’re going to get this person a jumper, you can’t get them just any jumper; it has to be ethically sourced, top-of-the-line cashmere. A simple glassware set just won’t do, either; it has to be design snob-approved. Well, look no further, harried shopper. Because when it comes to those hard-to-please folks, we’ve got you (and them) covered. Ahead, find 25 gifts for difficult people that will actually pass muster with your pickiest pals.
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