Upgrading Your Glassware Is An Instant Mood-Booster

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As we hunker down for lockdown 3.0 (or was it 6.0?), many of us are facing the familiar desire to turn inward and improve our surroundings. And since many of our sources of joy right now stem from the kitchen, it’s only natural that the itch to revamp our tableware has resurfaced.
An essential of the great interior boom of 2020 was undoubtedly the rise of statement glassware. Bold in both colourways and shapes, the trend was part of a larger shift towards the Grandmillennial interiors aesthetic that took over our homes (and wardrobes). So as we once again become hyperaware of our spaces — and the magic of an evening dinner is dampened by our adjacent WFH stations — we’re looking to quality pieces of glass and stemware that work wonder to inject some fun into our everyday living.
After all, there’s plenty of research supporting the mood-boosting powers of colours in spaces, and when we need a creative outlet, why not invest in some minor home adjustments?
If you’re after something truly unique, Etsy and Ebay are great places to search for these retro styles. Local thrift stores are also goldmines for rare finds, but since we can’t all get out to explore, we scoured the Internet to find the chicest coloured glassware.

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