Silver Jewellery Is Back… But Not As We’ve Known It

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Gold jewellery has sustained a moment over the last few years, thanks to the rise of the 'Euro holiday luxe' aesthetic that has dominated ready-to-wear trends.
But as we continue to ascend the Y2K mania, accessories are becoming less and less refined, and more amped up. Along with nostalgic craft pieces, the trending jewellery of 2022 is silver — and not the dainty kind. This year, we're opting out of understated and minimalist, and reaching for bolder jewels, with brands like Mounser, Steff Eleoff and Hannah Jewett leading the way for their grungey, architectural takes on everyday pieces. Think chains, DIY links, gunmetal hues and melted shapes that look like liquid silver.
In winter, when we're living in neutral knits and struggling to dress up for a night out without our parkas and down jackets, statement jewellery is the answer to accessorising woes.
Scroll on for some of our favourite Y2K-inspired silvery jewellery pieces that will bring just the right amount of glitz to any outfit.
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