Are You Giving Gold Or Silver Jewellery Vibes? Here’s How To Find Out

Photo Courtesy of Ellis Mhairi Cameron.
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Gold vs silver jewellery is a debate we never tire of. What makes us pick between the two precious metals (if you don't just decide to wear both)? It may be personal preference, it could be the cost, or perhaps it stems from a piece of jewellery passed down to you from a relative. If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that everyone’s answer will be different. But what if we told you there was a more scientific (sort of) way to decide? In a bid to end the debate once and for all, we asked jewellery expert Ellis Mhairi Cameron to explain. 
After studying jewellery design at London's Central Saint Martins, Cameron launched her namesake brand in 2018 and was named Young Jewellery Designer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards just three years later. So it’s safe to say she knows more than a thing or two about each metal and why a pair of gold earrings sings on one person while another steals the limelight in silver.
It turns out, eye colour, hair colour and even your skin's undertones may explain why you might favour one necklace or feel a less-worn one in your collection washes you out. Of course, personal preference is always the most important factor — if you love a particular piece of jewellery, you should absolutely wear it. Cameron also has tips for making both metals work on you even if one isn't 'best' for your hair or eye colour.

Which undertones, eye colours and hair colours work best with silver jewellery?

"Both silver jewellery and white gold have an inherent coolness that blends with cool skin tones," Cameron says. "Silver tones help create a balanced and harmonious look if your skin exhibits undertones of pink, blue or red as the coolness of the metal complements these shades, resulting in a subtle yet striking combination." Silver also works wonders against blue and green eyes, she says, making them appear more vibrant and striking. Look for chunky necklaces and rings to further accentuate these features. 
If that sounds like the opposite of what you look like, worry not. Cameron has some tricks for getting the best out of silver on warmer skin tones, too. "To make it work, consider selecting silver jewellery with warmer gemstones — think bright orange sapphires, red diamonds or gemstones like amber, citrine or garnet. These warm elements bridge the gap between the cool metal and warm skin tone, creating a strong contrast that brings out the best in both."
Looking at hair, silver is said to sparkle more against darker colours. It also accentuates the warmth of red hair and subtly complements blonde and silver shades, blending in seamlessly as it sits on the skin. So really, silver can work for everyone — you just need to be a bit particular about which pieces you pick up.

Which undertones, eye colours and hair colours work best with gold jewellery?

As you may have guessed, warmer undertones create the perfect backdrop for gold jewellery. "Warm skin tones, often characterised by undertones of yellow, peach or golden hues, beautifully complement gold jewellery," Cameron explains. "The richness and warmth of gold metal harmonises with these undertones so layering is perfect — particularly big ring stacks or multiple chain necklaces." Check out our handy edit below. 
This richness also enhances the earthiness of brown and green eyes according to Cameron, and the same can be said of black and brown hair. Although again, if these don't sound like your features, don’t give up on gold just yet. 
For cooler skin tones, mixing metals will make for a more striking style. You can contrast colours when stacking rings or opt for pieces that play with both materials. This will help balance the look while adding an extra level of interest. Why choose one or the other when you can have both?
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