Where To Shop For Your Home… From The Comfort Of Your Home

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Whether you're starting with an unfurnished blank canvas or looking for a single statement piece to upgrade an area, it's difficult to determine where exactly to begin when shopping for your home. As much as the Internet is our ally in these endeavours, it can also turn into our worst enemy. We start by Googling a simple keyword, only to end up with an endless sea of sofas, bookcases, TikTok interior trends and every homeware item in between — turning our search from a fun treasure hunt to the survival of the strongest (or most willing to outbid everyone else for vintage finds on Facebook Marketplace).
To avoid search result overload or misguided overspending, we rounded up our favourite furniture and home decor sites that we like to frequent. Scroll through the destinations ahead, curated by "best for" styles, and take some of the headache out of home shopping when you can't see the space you're working with. Kick back, relax, and click your way to a better space — without needing to leave your couch.

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