What Happened In The Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Finale Part 1?

After four weeks of 24-hour dates, country balls and trips to the big smoke, the 2024 season of Farmer Wants A Wife is almost over.
The first part of the FWAW finale aired on Monday, May 20 and we saw two of our remaining three farmers face their final decision.
In Monday night's episode, Farmer Dustin and Farmer Todd laid it all on the line as they told their final choice how they felt about them.
Tomorrow night, fans will tune in again to see who Farmer Joe chooses and to watch Season 11's Jess Nathan and Andrew Guthrie tie the knot.
So, did Farmer Dustin and Farmer Todd end up with their happily ever after or did they walk away from the series empty-handed? Here's exactly what went down in the first episode of the FWAW finale:

Who Did Farmer Dustin Choose?

When it came to the final decision, Farmer Dustin told Anna she "ticked every box" and he could "picture their future together" but unfortunately his "heart is leading him another way".
She wished him "every happiness" before driving away.
He then told a very nervous Sophie that he was "in love" with her and couldn't wait to start a life with her "back on the land".
"This farmer found a wife!" he said to the camera before kissing Sophie.
While we'll have to wait for the couple to confirm their relationship, it seems they were at least still together when the reunion was filmed.

Who Did Farmer Todd Choose?

When it came to the final decision, Todd said his choice was like "two sides of a coin".
Daisy was the first to arrive and Todd told her he hasn't been able to "keep a smile off his face" since he met her but he was concerned that she was too similar to his ex and that relationship ended badly.
Grace then arrived and Todd told her their relationship was a "slow burn" but "worth the wait". However, he has to "follow his heart" and choose Daisy.
He then told Daisy she was a "risk" but he was "willing to take the risk".
According to So Dramatic! the couple are still going strong and Daisy has even moved onto the farm with Todd.
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