Which Big Brother Australia 2023 Couples Are Still Together?

Spoilers ahead. The finale for Big Brother: House of Love has finally arrived, with TikTok sisters Tay and Ari Wilcoxson being crowned the winners of 2023, defeating Louis Phillips and Mineé Marx in the public vote. The Gold Coast siblings walk away with $100,000 in prize money.
The 2023 season saw the Big Brother Australia format shaken up significantly, with a spicy new twist that saw a house full of single housemates form romantic connections before being forced to vote each other out (hey, it's still better than being on the dating apps).
But one of the biggest questions we've got after watching this loved-up season is what couples are still together. Ahead, we've done the digging and got all the goss on who's still smooching away outside of the Big Brother house.

Louis & Minee

The unofficial King and Queen of the Big Brother house, Louis and Minee were one of the biggest power couples in the season. But they weren't without their troubles, with Minee breaking up with Louis shortly after the intruders Bella and Oli arrived (don't worry, they got back together).
The two worked their way into the top three, thanks to their strong romantic connection and strategic mindset, with the two appearing to be buzzy and giddily in love with each other during the finale.
Are Louis and Minee still together?: Unfortunately, it appears that love is dead. While the couple haven't confirmed their separation, Louis has been tagged in some pretty romantic photos on Instagram by @isabellaskocic. File this one under 'broken up'.

Josh & Tay

As one of the strongest couples in the house, Josh and Tay were one of our favourites to watch on-screen. During the finale, the two still appeared to be smitten with each other, even sharing a kiss.
"It was crazy leaving this house. I was more upset about leaving Tay than actually leaving the Big Brother house, so it sort of sucked a bit. It hit me pretty hard," Josh said about his elimination.
But of course, the finale was filmed a year ago now, so this doesn't really tell us if they're still together.
Are Josh and Tay still together?: In a post-elimination interview with Chattr, Josh revealed that while he tried to keep their romance alive, the two were no longer together, citing their long-distance relo as their ultimate dealbreaker.

Teejay & Ari 

After his late arrival, Teejay and Ari hit it off pretty much instantly. But as their love blossomed, they also encountered some hiccups along the way, with Teejay's fellow intruder, Bella, dropping that her former flame had been in contact with her after their elimination.
"We have kept in touch," Bella said. "When Teejay got out of the house, he messaged me straight away. We've kept in touch ever since then, so it's been really nice."
While Teejay justified that he reached out to apologise to her, Bella revealed that Teejay had also spoken to her family members. Unsurprisingly, Ari was a bit miffed.
"I'm very surprised. I don't mind the whole apologising and whatever. That's totally up to him, but that's just a bit too far. Let's not go there... I'm definitely not too happy about it." 
Are Teejay and Ari still together?: At the time of writing, neither contestant has posted about each other on their Instagrams. File this one under 'outlook not good'.

Lewis & Graciemae

These two instantly became best buds in the house and quickly rose up as some of the fans' favourite couple. But after Graciemae was eliminated from the competition, Lewis was presented with the opportunity to bring her back — or take home a $5,000 prize and send her home. Yep, he took the money.
But it seems like opting for a bag of cash over your mate isn't grounds for terminating a friendship, with the two appearing to still be chummy.
"[Our friendship is] unbreakable, unless you dangle five grand in my face apparently," Lewis said during the finale. "I'm so glad she was in the house because this whole experience would've been half of what it was for me. She just brought so much out of me so I may not have found love, but I found my Graciemae and we're stoked."
Are Lewis and Graciemae still together? Yes, if you count their totally platonic friendship as 'together'.
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