Everything We Know About The New Aussie Dating Show Stranded On Honeymoon Island

The MAFS drought is in full swing, but fear not, the reality TV gods might have finally answered our prayers with Seven's upcoming new reality TV dating show, Stranded On Honeymoon Island.
Created by the same team that brought us Married At First Sight Australia (Endemol Shine Australia), Stranded On Honeymoon Island might be wilder than anything we've seen on Aussie television, which is really saying something. It's essentially Survivor meets MAFS, which already sounds like a ride.
Ahead, everything we know about Stranded On Honeymoon Island so far.

What Is Stranded On Honeymoon Island?

So, imagine Married At First Sight but if everyone was stuck on a deserted island. Yes, it's exactly that.
Twelve singles take a leap of dating faith and try to find love. After a speed dating event, couples are matched and marry, before being whisked away to a deserted island for 21 days in nothing but their wedding attire.
With no devices, no distractions and no civilisation around them, the couples settle into their new relationship and get acquainted with who they've just married, while they try and navigate survival on a remote island.
It's being billed as the "most radical and extreme dating experience ever seen on television" and I don't think they're wrong about that one.
While it's new to Australia, the format has been seen in Belgium, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

Is There A Trailer I Can Watch?

The first look trailer has just dropped, and features a few of the singles heading on out to the South Pacific, jumping into the ocean in their wedding kits, and clashing and pashing as they discover who they've really been matched with.
The trailer also shows all the couples meeting up for a meal on the beach, with them interrogating each other about coming onto the show with relationships on the outside. So essentially, it's your classic MAFS dinner party but just on a deserted beach. Love that!

What Is Stranded On Honeymoon Island's Air Date?

Seven hasn't yet confirmed when Stranded On Honeymoon Island will be premiering, only saying that it will be 'coming soon'.
Well come faster, we say!
Of course, Stranded On Honeymoon Island will air on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

Who Is In The Cast?

The cast of Stranded On Honeymoon Island hasn't yet been released, but we do know that radio host Jackie O will be donning her reality TV hat and doing the voiceover narrations.
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