The Block 2023 Finale: How Much Did The Houses Sell For At Auction?

Leah and Ash February 2024 Update: After four months on the market, Leah and Ash have finally sold their home to a family for $3.125 million, earning them a nice $155,000 profit.
 After working hard for 12 weeks, The Block 2023 contestants went through a nail-biting auction finale, selling the renovated properties they've poured their blood, sweat, and tears into.
This year, we saw five duos battle it out on Charming Street in the Melbourne suburb of Hampton East. The homes were designed and built in the 1950s, offering their own unique challenges.
In a series first, we were also gifted with price guides for the five houses, months in advance, offering hints as to what we could possibly expect from the auction.
On the night, there was a lot of tension as the couples decided the house auction order. After a lot of disagreements, the order was finally decided. House 4's Steph and Gian would go first, House 5's Eliza and Liberty second, House 3's Kristy and Brett third, House 1's Kyle and Leslie fourth, and finally, House 2's Leah and Ash as last place.
Since day dot, Steph and Gian have been the clear favourites to take home the crown this year with the most wins. With a profit of $1.65 million, Steph and Gian were the clear winners of The Block 2023.
The couple will take home $100,000 in additional prize money, for a cool $1.75 million profit.
“It's an incredible feeling," Steph and Gian said. "We are so overwhelmed right now and can't believe it. It was such a surreal day, and to end on such a high like this after all the hard work is amazing. We are so grateful that Adrian Portelli saw something in our house which we love so much. This will change our lives."
“We have no idea what we are going to do with the money yet. It’s going to clear our debts in Sydney. It’s going to set us up for whatever the next stage is. It’s just unbelievable.”  
Host Scott Cam said: “It has been a rollercoaster of a day, with ups and downs. We had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We had houses just above the reserves, one passed in, and then $1.65 million for Steph and Gian and over a million for Eliza and Liberty."
“I am very happy for Steph and Gian, I think they played the game beautifully and they deserve it. They stuck to their guns, they held their heads high, and they built a beautiful home.”
Here's how much each team from The Block 2023 took home after the finale auction:
- 1st Place: Steph and Gian ($1.65 million profit)
- 2nd Place: Eliza and Liberty ($1.05 million profit)
- 3rd Place: Kyle and Leslie ($130,000 profit)
- 4th Place: Kristy and Brett ($65,000 profit)
- 5th Place: Leah and Ash (Passed in)

The Block Auction Results 2023

House 4: Steph & Gian

Price Guide: $2.2 to $2.4 million
Reserve: $3.35 million
Sold for: $5 million
Profit: $1.65 million (plus $100,000 for winning The Block)
The youngest couple and clear favourites to win had one of the highest reserve prices of $3.35. Despite this, their house shocked everyone when it sold for a whopping $5 million, with the couple taking home a life changing $1.65 million.

House 5: Eliza & Liberty

Price Guide: $2.7 to $2.85 million
Reserve: $3.25 million
Sold for: $4.3 million
Profit: $1.05 million
Eliza and Liberty had a reserve of $3.25 million, and the house eventually sold for $4.3 million. They'll take home $1.05 million.

House 3: Kristy & Brett

Price Guide: $2.5 to $2.75 million
Reserve: $2.97 million
Sold for: $3.035 million
Profit: $65,000
Kristy and Brett's corner block had a reserve price of $2.97 million with the house eventually selling for $3.035 million. They'll take home a comparatively small $65,000.

House 1: Kyle & Leslie

Price Guide: $2.5 to $2.75 million
Reserve: $2.97 million
Sold for: $3.1 million
Profit: $130,000
The firefighter and teacher's aide from Perth had a reserve price of $2.97 million, with the house eventually selling for $3.1 million. They took home $130,000.

House 2: Leah & Ash

Price Guide: $2.5 to $2.75 million
Reserve: $2.97 million
Sold for: $3.125 million
Profit: $155,000
Leah and Ash, who have just started their own building company IRL, had a reserve price of $2.97 million. It was the only house of the night to be passed in, where it will be sold at a later date — hopefully with a profit.
February 2024 Update: After four months on the market, Leah and Ash have finally sold their home to a family for $3.125 million, earning them a nice $155,000 profit.
Correction: This story originally reported that Leah and Ash came in fifth place, and Kyle and Leslie passed in their property, which is incorrect. Kyle and Leslie came in fifth place and Leah and Ash passed in their property. We regret the error.
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