4 Signs You’re Dating A Fuckboy, According To Abbie Chatfield

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FBoy Island Australia host Abbie Chatfield
There's a good chance that most of us know of a fuckboy, or fboy for short. We may have dated one ourselves or heard about them through a friend's dating experiences.
As the host of a new reality TV show that's about finding a fboy-free love life, Abbie Chatfield says that she's seen a fair few red flags that set fuckboys apart.
"Fboys are just so insecure," Chatfield tells Refinery29 Australia, explaining that any behaviour that comes across as "insincere" is an easy tell.
Besides fboys needing constant validation and attention, Chatfield says love bombing or giving you "too much attention or affection" can be a sign of trouble.
"[They're also] always needing to be the centre of attention or the class clown."
After finishing in second place on The Bachelor in 2019, Chatfield has returned to the dating show circuit as the host of Binge's FBoy Island Australia. The program features three Aussie women, Ziara Rae, Molly O’Halloran and Sophie Blackley, helping each other out as they attempt to separate the 12 self-proclaimed "nice guys" who are looking for love, from the 12 self-proclaimed "FBoys", who are only there to play the game and win the $50,000 cash prize.
Despite recent criticism about the show and her involvement in it, Chatfield says that people shouldn't take it too seriously and instead enjoy the 10-part series for what it is: a bit of fun.
"It's first and foremost, funny," she says. "It's a comedy foremost and then there's the dating show afterwards. The overriding message is that this is fun."
As for whether the women will actually find a partner, Chatfield promises that romance is still very much in the air.
"There are real love stories throughout the show, so it's a beautiful combination of funny, silly, self-aware, trashy TV — with real relationships."
FBoy Island Australia is available to stream on Binge, with episodes released weekly.
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