Everything We Know About My Mum Your Dad 2023

Image courtesy of Channel 9
My Mum Your Dad host Kate Langbroek
After reinvigorating the dating show landscape on Aussie reality TV, My Mum Your Dad will be returning in 2023.
Channel 9 has begun casting for Season 2, so viewers can enjoy another round of watching middle-aged people looking for love, with the help of their adult children.
Here's everything we know about My Mum Your Dad 2023.

Who Is The Host?

Kate Langbroek has hosted the first season of My Mum Your Dad, and we can only expect the comedian to return to the gig in 2023.
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Who Is The Cast?

The cast of My Mum Your Dad 2023 is yet to be revealed as the second season is still in the very early planning stages. One of the biggest components of the dating show is that the children watch their parents' dates and then compete in challenges, so they have the power to choose who their mum or dad goes on a date with and what they do on those dates.
In Season 1, the parents had no idea that their children were watching them until it was revealed later in the season. So how will producers spark that element of surprise and drama in 2023 when potential cast members already know the twist?
"That’s a good question and it’s being worked on at this very moment. It makes it a bit trickier," Nine executive producer John Walsh told TV Tonight. "We’re working on how a second season might work at the moment."

What Is The Prize?

As cheesy as it sounds, finding love is the end goal of this dating show. There's no prize money at the end, and instead the parents will find out if they have their children's approval or disapproval at the Blessing Ceremony in the finale.

Where Can I Apply?

Applications are now open to be a part of My Mum Your Dad's second season here. There's a limit to one application per parent and child combo.
Remember to keep checking back here as we continue updating the behind-the-scenes details about the 2023 season of My Mum Your Dad.
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