Which Couples End Up Together On My Mum Your Dad 2022?

Spoilers ahead. Unlike any dating show that Australia has seen in the reality TV genre, My Mum Your Dad continues to serve up the drama since premiering earlier this month.
In a nutshell, a group of mums and dads gather at a luxury retreat, while their adult children are watching on in a remote bunker. These 'kids' watch their parents' every move and compete in challenges for the power to determine who their parents will go on a date with and what they will do on the date.
Here's what went down between the couples in the lead up to and at the Blessing Ceremony at the grand finale where their children either approved or disapproved of their romance.

Heath & Michelle

Image courtesy of Channel 9
My Mum Your Dad's Heath and Michelle
Things are not so straightforward when it comes to these contestants. While Heath has had his eyes on Michelle, it gets complicated when Neil arrives and also shows an interest in her. A recent episode shows Michelle and Neil walking to the Parents' Retreat holding hands, proving they have an immediate spark.
But Heath then makes a move of his own, pulling Michelle aside for a chat and telling her, "There's no connections with anyone else, apart from you".
Then, the plot thickens. Michelle makes a decision after being caught between the two men. She decides to "listen to her gut" and move forward with Heath, meaning Neil leaves the retreat and heads home.
At the Blessing Ceremony, it was up to Heath's son Haydn and Michelle's daughter Chloe to give their blessings.
"I'm willing to open up and let you into our lives," said Haydn, feeling reassured after meeting Michelle face-to-face.
It's happy days for Heath and Michelle who are therefore together after getting their children's blessings.

Petula and Darren

Image courtesy of Channel 9
My Mum Your Dad's Darren and Petula
Petula has come onto the show with son Drhys and has been enjoying a blossoming bond with Darren. However, she's wondering whether the romance will last due to recent intruder Michelle who could prove to be a distraction for Darren.
"This could jeopardise our connection," Petula says on the show.
Meanwhile, Darren himself has admitted that it's been difficult to keep focused on the one connection with Petula.
"It's hard when you're trying to build a relationship, because they're distractions on the side," he says.
However, he also wants to keep in mind what daughter Tess has told him about finding love, and so decides he wants to solely pursue Petula.
"I came into The Retreat to change the way I looked at relationships," he explains to Petula. "Tess said, 'Dad maybe give love more of a chance,' and I've got one connection and I'm hoping to work on that."
At the Blessing Ceremony, Darren and Petula decided to stay together, with Petula's son Dhrys giving his tick of approval.
"The most important thing in this world is for you to be happy," said Dhrys.

Shane and Kristy

Image courtesy of Channel 9
My Mum Your Dad's Shane and Kristy
Shane and Kristy's budding relationship is huge for viewers because they shared the first kiss of the season! But, the sweet smooch only came after some hiccups for the pair.
In a recent episode, Kristy started giving Shane the cold shoulder after she was unsure of what Shane and his daughter Kayla had spoken about.
"All Shane says to Kayla is that I've got blonde hair and that gets up my goat a bit because I'm a lot more than just a girl with blonde hair," she says in a piece-to-camera.
When Shane approaches Kristy to make ammends, she gives him the silent treatment. However, after a good sleep, Kristy decides to clear the air and Shane accepts her apology.
"I feel like Kristy is trying really hard to make it work. It's good, I love it," he says. After a lovely garden picnic, it doesn't take long for the pair to lock lips and it's smiles all around.
Later on ahead of the blessing ceremony, Kristy explains she's concerned that Kayla won't approve of her, and Shane admits that if Kayla doesn't give the green light, that could be an issue.
"Obviously, I'm worried because you've said that Kayla's a really strong woman and she's so protective of you and in the past it's been an issue with my kids getting along with one of my exes," she tells Shane.
At the Blessing Ceremony, it all really came down to the thoughts of Shane's daughter, Kayla, who had held some reservations.
"We need to make sure this decision is the right one for all of us," she said. "It could heavily impact the rest of our lives."
After leaving everyone hanging, she added, "With that being said, I would love to give you guys my blessing".
With that being said, Shane and Kristy obviously decided to stay together.

Roe and Carole

Image courtesy of Channel 9
My Mum Your Dad's Roe and Carole
The attraction was there from the get-go for these two when Carole walked into the Parents' Retreat as a newcomer.
"Carole came in sexy," says Roe, before Carole tells the cameras, "Roe with that American accent, I felt like I was on a movie set with Dwayne 'The Rock', he's just amazing".
At the Blessing Ceremony, Roe's son Sachem and Carole's daughter Priscilla expressed their concerns, and ultimately couldn't give their blessings, meaning Roe and Carole are not together.
"I won't lie, I was disappointed," Priscilla told Roe. "I feel like my mum really put herself out there. You saw my mum but you didn't see the qualities in her that are unlike no other."
Hosted by Kate Langbroek, the My Mum Your Dad finale airs on Monday, November 28 at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.
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