Which Couples End Up Together On My Mum Your Dad 2023?

Spoilers ahead. One of the most wholesome reality TV dating shows to hit our screens in recent years, it's safe to say that My Mum Your Dad has captivated Australians nationwide.
The show's second season has already restored our hope in humanity as we watched a group of mums and dads gather at a luxury retreat to fall in love — all while their adult children watched on secretly.
During the finale, we watched as four couples entered the 'Blessing Ceremony' where they discovered if their kids approved of their relationship — Masi and Nadia, Janine and Simmo, Rebecca and Benjamin, and Dani and Wes.
While we don't want the series to end, the finale means we finally discover who ended up together. Thankfully, the second season of My Mum Your Dad gave us many happy endings.
Ahead, what went down in the My Mum Your Dad season two finale — and who finally ended up together.

Masi and Nadia

Masi and Nadia's relationship has been steadily flourishing, leaving us smiling giddily as we watch on — and the finale was no different.
When the kids, Mona and Harper, finally met the parents for the first time, it was mostly positive. However, the elephant in the room had to be addressed — Masi and Nadia have large religious and cultural differences, with Nadia worrying that her family would not fully accept Masi because he's not Muslim.
But despite these concerns, the 'Blessing Ceremony' was nothing but smooth sailing for these two lovebirds.
"I'm going to walk out of her as somebody different to the person that walked in, and Nadia has been a big part of that," Masi explained to Mona and Harper.
Unsurprisingly, the kids ended up giving Masi and Nadia their blessing, embracing each other in a group hug.
"I am so happy the kids have given us their blessings and I am just over the moon," Nadia said after hearing the good news.

Are Masi and Nadia still together?

In sad news, Masi and Nadia have broken up. Pass the tissues, please.
Janine and Simmo. Image courtesy of Channel 9.

Janine and Simmo

Janine and Simmo took their time to connect, but there was a lot of speculation about whether their kids, Chook and Tiarn, would give them their blessing and approve of their relationship entering the real world.
There were a few obstacles the couple faced — Tiarn was concerned that Simmo hadn't fully moved on and wasn't ready for the relationship. There were also concerns about the distance and if they could make it work.
But when it came to the 'Blessing Ceremony', it was good news for Janine and Simmo.
"For me, personally, I couldn't think of anything that would make me more happy than to give you my blessing," Chook said. "I back you both 100% of the way."
"For me, everything I've seen so far in you, I feel like is the perfect match for Mum," Tiarn said to Simmo. "I'd also like to give you my blessing."
Simmo immediately started gushing, popping a bottle of bubbles to celebrate. "The moral of the story is to play it cool, not rush in, and good things come to those who wait," he said.

Are Janine and Simmo still together?

Unfortunately, Janine and Simmo have broken up. I guess it's unsurprising given they knew each other for a whole nine days.
Rebecca and Benjamin. Image courtesy of Channel 9.

Rebecca and Benjamin

Bec and Ben have had their fair share of hurdles to overcome. After a "gold digger" comment from Ben's kids, the two have needed to work over their insecurities and convince their kids they're a good match.
At their first meeting, Ben's kids, Jasmine and Jaxon, finally reassured Rebecca and said that they don't see her as a gold digger — but they were still concerned that it was all "too good to be true".
Meanwhile, Rebecca's daughter Gracie expressed qualms about Benjamin's ability to reassure her mother after his reservations about her confidence levels.
When the 'Blessing Ceremony' finally rolled around, things were dramatic, to say the least.
"As soon as we saw Bec come in with her bubbly personality, we could just tell straight away that you two were compatible in more ways than one," Jasmine says. " Bec, you're an amazing person and you have such a pure, wholesome and kind energy." It was then that Jasmine and Jaxon revealed that the couple had their blessing.
But the drama wasn't over.
There was a lot of speculation as to whether Gracie would give her blessing given her reservations. Things came to a head when she took Rebecca away from the ceremony to talk about what she really wanted and her confidence issues.
At the time, everyone thought there was no way that the couple would be getting Gracie's blessing.
But when they returned, Gracie surprised everyone. "Obviously, Mum, I've seen your heart get broken many times," she says. "But I know that for a long time, you've been missing that special someone. I've never seen you this happy... It's just been so nice to see that you've found someone."
"I'd love to see how this happens out in the real world, so I give you my blessing," Gracie said to the couples' relief.
"I'm looking forward to spending a lot of happy moments with her," Ben said.
"It has been a beautiful chapter one," Rebecca said.

Are Bec and Ben still together?

Unfortunately, it's sad news for this couple. Months after filming ended, the couple decided to call it quits.
"At the end of the day, logistically it is almost impossible," Bec told 9Entertainment. "We didn't want to get a stage where we resented the situation because we couldn't spend the time together or were taking the time away from our loved ones."
"We kind of went, 'You know what, we are really good friends and this was such a wonderful time in our lives, let's leave it as this'."
"I think we'll always be friends. He'll always have a really special place in my heart for sure, forever."
Dani and Wes. Image courtesy of Channel 9

Dani and Wes

Finally, the last couple had their 'Blessing Ceremony' — would it be four for four? Or would Jake and Brandon veto the relationship?
There were a few concerns that the couple had to grapple with. Jake thought it was a red flag that Dani had jumped into relationships in the past, while Brandon questioned whether the relationship was more than just physical.
"I feel like a different person, like the weight of the world is off my shoulders," Dani said about overcoming her past. "I feel like I can drop that tag of being the widow who can't move forward because no one would give me the opportunity."
"Wes is the first person that made me feel like it's okay to have someone in my past [and] that I didn't have to shut that part of my life out."
Jake praised the two for opening up and being vulnerable, eventually giving the couple their blessing.
Brandon was the final deciding factor. "I haven't seen my mum in four years. That part of her was lost with my step-father."
After the final okay from his mother, reassuring her that she was ready to move forward and remove the wedding ring that she shared with her husband who had passed away, Brandon gave an emotional, but beautiful, blessing to their relationship.
"It's a sign of a new beginning for me," Dani said after removing her wedding ring. "Now I feel like I am a phoenix that has risen to the top."

Are Dani and Wes still together?

In the best news we've heard all day, Dani and Wes are still going strong.
"Wes and I have been living our lives, and we're very much in love," Dani told 9Entertainment. "It will be really nice to be able to share with everybody that we're in a very loving and happy relationship. It's been worth the wait!"
Dani has also revealed that in January 2024, Wes will be moving into her home in Melbourne. Cute!
Dani and Wes continue to be the highlight of this show, and a perfect, heartwarming way to end the second season of My Mum Your Dad.
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