Everything We Know About The My Mum Your Dad 2023 Finale

Everyone's new favourite heartwarming show, My Mum Your Dad, is coming to a close and it's safe to say, we're not ready for it to end.
In the show's second Australian season, we've watched a group of mums and dads gather at a luxury retreat to fall in love — all while their adult children watched their every move in secret hidden bunkers.
It's not often we get to see parents and middle-aged people fall in love on the screen — and it's a welcome change to the classic, drama-filled dating reality TV shows we've watched as of late.
On Monday, November 20, we'll watch on as the grand finale finally airs — with all four couples heading into the 'Blessing Ceremony' to discover if their kids approve of their relationships.
Here's everything you need to know about the final episode of Season 2 of My Mum Your Dad.

When is the My Mum Your Dad finale?

The My Mum Your Dad 2022 finale airs on Monday, November 20 at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

How does the finale work?

The big event of the My Mum Your Dad finale involves a 'Blessing Ceremony'. During this episode, the show's host, Kate Langbroek, will bring all the kids and parents together. There, the couples will hear if their kids approve or disapprove of their relationship — and whether it'll continue with their blessing in the outside world.

What is the finale prize?

Love is the prize, baby! You can't put a dollar amount on that.

Who ends up together on My Mum Your Dad?

Four couples will be walking into the finale: Masi and Nadia, Janine and Simmo, Rebecca and Benjamin, and Dani and Wes.
Will they end up together and get the blessing of their kids? Head to our dedicated piece to find out.
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