Sapphire Engagement Rings Are Trending — Here Are 12 Styles To Shop For A Happily Ever After

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Ever since Princess Diana’s engagement ring was revealed to the world, sapphire rings have found a firm place in the bridal industry. It helped that, in 2010, the gemstone’s legacy was cemented in wedding history once again when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his late mother’s ring. Universally flattering, unique from your standard diamond styles and typically found at a good cost for an engagement ring, sapphires will always be a rock-solid option for any special occasion.
While they haven't received nearly enough attention, in our humble opinion, there is evidence that brides are eyeing them more than ever before: According to Google Trends, searches for “sapphire engagement ring” have increased in 2022, in part thanks to TikTok star Emily Mariko’s engagement ring, a triple-band oval-shaped sapphire-and-diamond ring. Meanwhile, non-diamond engagement rings also trending in 2022, with sapphire being the second most popular gemstone after moissanite. 
If you’re eyeing a sapphire engagement ring for yourself (or a significant other!), take a look at some of the best options available below. Bonus: These styles can serve as a “something blue” on the big day.

Oval Sapphire Ring With A Halo

If you're looking to reference Princess Diana, you should look for an oval-shaped sapphire engagement ring. Bonus: If it has a halo.

Lab-Created Sapphire Ring

Lab-grown diamonds are super popular right now, and so are lab-created gemstones, which offer more affordability with the same bright blue look.

Three-Stone Sapphire Ring

Ever since Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with a three-stone engagement ring, the shape has been trending. While this is common with all-diamond rings, opt for a sapphire centre for an unexpected twist.

Vintage-Style Sapphire Ring

If you're after a more vintage-inspired piece, opt for something with more fluid lines like this ring.

Hexagon Sapphire Ring

Not all sapphires are made equal. For proof, see this hexagon ring in a lighter shade of blue.

Oval Sapphire Ring

With a stone this bright and a classic gold band, who needs diamonds? A classic, minimalist bride would enjoy this modernist take on sapphire.

Pear Sapphire Ring

Pear-cut rings will never go out of style. We particularly love when they boast a claw-setting like this piece by Natalie Marie Jewellery.

Rustic Sapphire Ring

For the more bohemian bride, opt for something like a handcrafted piece made from recycled gold like this ring by Tessa Blazey Jewellery.

Yellow Sapphire Rings

Royal blue is not everyone's cup of tea, so a warmed-hued option like yellow sapphire could be the way to go for those wanting something more neutral.

Princess-Cut Sapphire Ring

Yet another way to channel Markle's engagement ring via three princess-cut sapphire stones.

Bezel Sapphire Ring

Opting for a bezel-style ring — that features a collar setting around the gem — is a good way to ensure that the engagement ring is wearable in your everyday life.

Toi Et Moi Sapphire Ring

Another popular trend this year, this Toi et Moi ring features a pear-shaped and square sapphire for those who just can't choose between the two.
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