How Much An Engagement Ring Should Cost, According To 12 Aussie Women

Marriage is a very complex, very old concept. In fact, instances of wedding ceremonies date back to ancient Mesopotamia in 2350 B.C. While we've evolved to lose a lot of the antiquated traditions and unspoken 'rules' that have historically shrouded the process, one aspect that remains as politically-charged as ever is money — particularly when it comes to the all-important ring.
According to a survey by Diamondport, the average amount spent on an engagement ring in 2019 was $5,297.50 — an increase from the $2,579.65 spent years ago. When broken down by income, the findings showed that those with a median income of around $67k dropped $5,800 on a ring, while those in $177,000+ bracket naturally spent more, with an average of $15,600.
These days, rings can take any form and shape, and trends in engagement ring styles come and go like any other piece of jewellery. But even for those close to saying 'I do', the guide to how much a ring should cost is grey, at best. There are the generic rules of thumb people still stand firmly by — such as 'three months worth of take-home salary — and even those who prefer to pay for their own. To get an idea of what the average Aussie woman reckons is the 'right' amount to shell out, we put the call-out for you to share your thoughts.
Ahead, 12 women on how much they think an engagement ring should cost.
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