7 Engagement Ring Trends That Will Be Big This Year, According To Experts

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Pairing the notion of a fashion trend with something as long-lasting as an engagement ring might seem counterintuitive: the former is usually thought of as fleeting while the latter is equated with timelessness. But personal taste varies and what’s classic to one person is out of date for another. So we're here to brush you up on the most anticipated engagement ring trends of the season.
"There’s always a reaction to every action, so we expect engagement rings trends to continue to evolve as a new generation comes of engagement age," says Shelley Brown, The Knot’s senior fashion and beauty editor. 
According to Brown, personalisation will continue to rank highly when it comes to selecting a ring. "Couples want to invest in pieces that speak to their love and personal taste, which is manifesting in a few different ways," she says. "Shape and setting are still the most important ring features, while [carat] size has actually become less important." Brown says that diamonds remain the most popular stone, and round the most popular cut, but there are less-expected design details — such as yellow gold settings, oval cuts and lab-grown stones — that will garner attention this year. 
As for how to go about landing on a final decision? Catbird Chief Creative Officer Leigh Plessner says it’s all about your research. "Start taking screenshots of what catches your eye and put them in a folder," she says. "It’s always helpful to see a collection of things you like to identify patterns and connections, like a little visual spider web."
Ahead, seven expert-predicted engagement ring trends for spring.

Oval-Cut Engagement Rings

Oval-cut diamonds lost little momentum last year and are expected to continue growing in popularity well into 2022. "We saw a rise in oval cuts with 2% in 2015 to 19% in 2021," says Brown. The Clear Cut’s founder and CEO Olivia Landau echoes this sentiment but with a small caveat. "People still love ovals  — and so do I! — but I think that they will be set a bit differently," she says, referring to non-solitaire and east-west settings.

Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Landau foresees bezel settings as a big engagement ring trend this year. Also referred to as "rubover", this type of setting can be identified by an encasing of metal that slightly overlaps the edge of the stone rather than the more ubiquitous prong setting. It’s a technique that dates back centuries but translates to a modern context extremely well thanks to its minimalist, chunky aesthetic. It’s a good choice if you work with your hands a lot or tend to be rougher with jewellery because it holds the gemstone more securely in place.

Toi Et Moi Engagement Rings

Among the more romantic engagement ring trends is Toi et Moi (French for 'you and me') — the It style now that Megan Fox and Ariana Grande both don. The style is characterised by two complementary gemstones, often with a coil silhouette, and dates back to the 1796 marriage of Napoleon and Josephine. The symbolism of two gemstones coming together as one is well-suited for the sentimental couple and it’s another engagement ring trend that Landau predicts will remain a popular choice in 2022. 

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Among the more talked about rings of 2021 was Paris Hilton's three-stone emerald-cut diamond: a cultural moment that is likely to influence a bride or two when picking out their own style this year. "Her ring was timeless and stunning," Landau says. "I foresee three-stone rings as a top engagement ring trend in 2022 because they are unique and great conversation starters." Embrace the flexibility this style has to offer and pick your favourite diamond cuts and colours to make one unique ring. 

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

If a colourless centre stone has never appealed to you but you like the idea of a diamond moment, you’re ahead of the trend. "Fancy yellow diamonds weren't popular for about a decade, but now we are seeing a lot more requests for them," Landau shares. "They are perfect for someone looking for something more unique [style] and a good value." 

Ethical Engagement Rings

The desire to purchase more ethically has trickled down to engagement rings and many consumers are finding that lab-grown diamonds (also known as synthetic and man-made diamonds) are the answer. "An eco-conscious mindset is rising among couples, with 34% finding it increasingly less important that the ring’s stone be a natural stone, with Gen Z (28%) finding it less important than millennials (35%)," Brown shares. "Dedication to sustainability is certainly up, as nearly one in four engagement rings in 2021 featured a centre stone that was man-made." 
Plessner is also seeing "significant" interest in recycled diamonds or reclaimed diamonds — previously mined stones, from an existing piece of jewellery, repurposed for another.

Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Some are forgoing diamonds altogether. "We are seeing more brides select non-diamond gemstones," says Brown. She says that moissanite — a cheaper, more brilliant gemstone similar in look to a diamond — is the top pick. The second most popular non-diamond gemstone? The sapphire.
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