Platforms Are This Season’s Must-Have Shoes. Here Are 22 To Shop Now

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The motto this season is “The higher, the better.” And to help us walk the walk, the biggest shoe trend of 2022 — the platform heel — is here. 
Thanks to the resurgence of Y2K styles, sky-high shoes are back in fashion. Brands like Versace, Valentino, and Naked Wolfe are leading the trend on and off the runways, as are celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo and Doja Cat on the red carpet. Actress Nicola Peltz even chose chunky platforms for her wedding day in April, sporting a pair of white satin platform pumps by Versace that are now on every modern bride's mood board. 
According to global shopping platform Lyst, the Naked Wolfe platform boots are among the top products of 2022’s first quarter, alongside an ankle-strap pair from Valentino. Meanwhile, the Versace Medusa Aevitas platform pumps have already become one of the hottest accessories of the year, with Google Trends showing an increase in searches of 750% for the double-stacked pumps despite the hefty $2,000+ price tag. 
After two years of athleisure, sneakers, nap dresses and sweatsuits, it seems the world is ready to — just like Carrie Bradshaw says — put on the big gal shoes. Along with party dresses, micro-mini skirts and opera gloves, the platform craze is just another example of how trends are inviting us all to exude main character energy in a post-lockdown world.
Ahead, the best platform styles to suit every kind of occasion. 

Ankle-Strap Platforms

From fancy dinner dates to a night out dancing, ankle-strap platforms are probably one of the most secure ways to wear this trend, with the strap working overtime for you. Tip: pair these with socks — glittery or knitted — for a retro preppy feel.

Platform Boots

They may seem more fitting for Bratz Dolls than real life but, trust us when we say, platform boots are simple, fun, and easy to walk in for all those winter nights when you want to exude festive vibes, without risking frosted toes.

Platform Sneakers

Of course, some want to retain the levels of comfort we’ve all come to love over the past two years, and platform sneakers — whether they’re beach-friendly espadrilles or skateboarding-ready numbers — are the best option. Still, don’t run too much in these. 

Platform Mules & Clogs

Yet another way to hold on to comfort, mules and clogs have become synonymous with the stylish, casual bunch. From bright yellow mules to simple black clogs, there’s a platform to match your clomping taste. 

Platform Flip-Flops

If the Y2K comeback wasn’t apparent enough, welcome back platform flip-flops. Whether you’re spending a day running errands or shopping for coats while the sun's out, these are great everyday shoes to keep coming back to.
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