15 Of The Best Party Dresses That Will Endure The Holiday Season

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Despite what your brain may be telling you, it is in fact, almost Christmas. This means that we’re on the precipice of party season, a hazy period of time in which you will likely be attending more than a handful of festive shindigs, all very necessary. 
It’s a joyous time, but the events tend to really pile up and come all at once, which means the best way to be prepared is to get in early and nab yourself a versatile party dress or two that can get you through the season looking your primed and best in all of those family photos.
Now, we all celebrate the holiday season differently, which means that shopping for the occasion is not as simple as choosing the perfect picnic outfit. But having a 'treat yourself' outfit for the holidays that you feel great in is a highly recommended way to ring in that festive spirit. 
And as we all make important strides to consuming fashion in a more environmentally-conscious way, the main criteria we’re trying to check this year is trying to shop with longevity in mind, opting for timeless silhouettes that can be reworked and re-worn. 
But where to start? To narrow things down a little, we thought we’d help guide you on your journey to becoming the belle of the ball. Read on for our guide to the ultimate holiday party dresses that you’ll actually want to wear again, into the new year.

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