The Comeback Kick: 7 Retro Sneakers To Shop Now

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In the world of footwear, the shoes that really get us talking are wild and wacky, with endless straps and limited arch support. But after the year that shall not be named stripped us of our right to party shoes, we turned our focus to our other shoes. The hardworking, dependable ones that we usually throw to the side without a second thought. 
And what bloomed was a newfound appreciation for our athletic shoes. Sure, they’re essential, and most of us opt for pairs we’re prepared to get scuffed up and dirty over years, but with the rise of '90s-style sportswear, we've observed trends in sneakers — and not the micro kind that only takes off in niche Sneakerhead subcultures.

More than slippers and maximalist boots, hell, even more than ugly shoes, reigned a specific throwback footwear that shows no sign of dying down: the retro sneaker.
Comfortable beyond your wildest dreams, and immeasurably versatile, the retro sneaker is the only shoe you need this spring. Click through for the seven styles we're adding to cart this season.

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