Missed MasterChef Queen Poh Ling Yeow? She’s Back As The Host Of A New Cooking Show

Image courtesy of Channel 9
When we think about the biggest names in Australia's food industry to have come out of MasterChef Australia, Poh Ling Yeow is at the top of the list.
The 48-year-old artist and chef won our hearts back in 2009 when she finished as runner-up on the show's first season behind Julie Goodwin, before going on to star in the MasterChef Australia: Back To Win all-stars edition last year.
Now Yeow is set to front a new cooking show, stepping into a hosting role on Channel Nine's Snackmasters.
The reality TV show hitting screens in 2022 is based on the popular British version, where acclaimed chefs will go head-to-head to replicate famous Aussie snacks – think Twisties, Drumsticks, Whoppers and Cadbury Favourites (you're welcome).
Each week the famous cooks will focus on a selected snack in their own kitchens, before entering the 'Snack Arena' where their creations will be judged by the very factory workers who make the original snack on a daily basis.
The final prize for the chef whose recipe is closest to the original is a Snack trophy, but in my opinion, we're the true winners getting our foodie fix and snack-spiration.
Yeow will co-host alongside well-known Aussie chef, Scott Pickett, while Gogglebox fan favourite Yvie Jones will also star and take viewers behind the scenes on some of the delicious action.
Image courtesy of Channel 9
Snackmasters hosts Scott Pickett and Poh Ling Yeow
"Prior to working on this I’d never thought about how a Twistie is made," Pickett told The Sydney Morning Herald. "It’s not chefs deconstructing it and doing a restaurant version; they’ve got to replicate it as closely as possible, and they can’t Google it. It’s hard."
It's an exciting career move for Yeow who has popped up as a guest judge on MasterChef over the years, and had her own cooking shows, Poh's Kitchen on ABC from 2010 to 2012 and Poh & Co on SBS in 2015.
And it's equally a treat for us as we can't have enough feel-good, nostalgic foodie shows on our screens while we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and coming out of lockdown.
While we haven't been given an air date just yet, there's a chance Snackmasters will go up against the 2022 season of MasterChef in the ratings. Until then, we've got Celebrity MasterChef Australia to look forward to later this year, and a huge snacks shopping list that I know I'll certainly be stocking up on.

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