The Only New Distressed-Jeans Trend That Actually Makes Sense

Photographed by Christian Vierig.
There are more jeans with random rips, tears, and holes than jeans that are pristine these days — and it's not because we as a nation have suddenly become clumsier, rowdier people. It's trendy to have your jeans look worn-in, but for the most part, the distressing is so unrealistically placed and bizarre, it looks like the pants could only have been worn in by aliens.

Naturally occurring wear-and tear happens around only a few places: your pockets, your crotch, where there's deep folding (backs of knees and hems), and your knees. Anywhere else, it looks about as natural as a Kardashian selfie.

But sometimes, Kardashian Uncanny is sort of what you're going for. In our opinion, there's only one distressed-jeans look that makes sense and seems deliberately trendy. It's the double-knee hole: an obvious fashion statement that also looks like you could have done it yourself.

Click through to see how people were rocking this trend during fashion week — and what they were pairing it with.

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