The Difference Between A $1,395 Pair Of Jeans & A $43 Pair

You know a trend has caught on when you start seeing it everywhere. But with so many options comes the question: Which one is actually Worth It? Every Tuesday, we're looking at a different fashion girl favorite and the varying price points it comes in, and letting you know — straight up — how much you should really be spending. You work hard for your money; why not put it towards pieces that matter?

Some would argue you can't put a price on the perfect pair of jeans. But with the recent rise of Vetements-style deconstructed denim popping up at literally every single store we know, we've found ourselves wondering: How much is really appropriate to spend on some trend-driven baby blues?

Since you probably have at least one trusty pair in each of the classic silhouettes — the skinny, the flare, the boyfriend — it can feel kind of crazy to shell out a good amount of money on a style we don't know will still be relevant by this time next season. To weigh the variety of deconstructed options available, we kept in mind the few key elements that make the look feel so of-the-moment: Front seams, a step hem, and some type of unique pocket placement or back detailing.

With that in mind, we rounded up six options, from the runway OG to the fast-fashion iteration, and decided if this is a trend you should be splurging or saving on. Click through to see the many ways you can nab a pair for yourself, as well as our verdict for the one's that are definitely #worthit.
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What You're Spending: $1,395 $977
What You're Getting: Let us introduce you to the pair that started it all, made by Vetements. At full price, these would set you back $1,500 — but at the moment, they're on sale for just under-$1,000. Here's how we feel: If you're label-obsessed and always want to get your hands on the real deal, by all means, treat yourself. But, to be totally transparent, we'd say it isn't necessary to drop a grand on a pair of jeans (runway-approved or not), especially considering how trend-driven these are (meaning by next season, Vetements will already be showing the next big thing).

Vetements Season 1 Jeans, $1,395 $977, available at Forward by Elise Walker.
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What You're Spending: $449
What You're Getting: Frame's 'Le Mix' jean is probably the closest option to the Vetements pair in both style and quality — though the dark wash actually makes them feel more polished, and they're only about half the price. And while we're not all that crazy about the whiskering on the front, each pair of these is unique, so you'll definitely feel like you're getting something special.

Frame Nouveau Le Mix, $449, available at Frame.
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What You're Spending: $269
What You're Getting: Paige took the silhouette and made it more casual for everyday wear. Here, the front hem looks more like an intentional detail, rather than looking like two pairs of jeans sewn together (though the back still that re-sewn pocket detail). While these are definitely cute and easy to style, they give off a way different vibe than the originals.

Paige Vintage Julia Jeans with Uneven Hem, $269, available at Shopbop.
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What You're Spending: $98
What You're Getting: For just under-$100, you can get a pretty sick take on this trend from Urban Outfitters. The brand took actual Levi's jeans and reconstructed them, so you're buying something that possesses that inherent cool factor. Sure, these don't have the front seams or stepped hem à la Vetements, but you could easily D.I.Y. that part yourself.

Urban Renewal Remade Levi's Sliced Pocket Reconstructed Jean, $98, available at Urban Outfitters.
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What You're Spending: $49.99
What You're Getting: When you hit the under-$50 mark, the style becomes more of an approximation. H&M actually had a previous pair that was closer to the Vetements version a few months ago, but it obviously sold out in a heartbeat. As of now, this is the closest the store's got — but they're a slightly slimmer fit and feature a different take on the deconstruction. If you're on a tighter budget, these still count for a creative way to change up your usual jeans — though they miss the mark on that whole cut-up hem thing.

H&M Slim Regular Patchwork Jeans, $39.99, available at H&M.
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What You're Spending: $43
What You're Getting: At the lowest price point we could find currently on the market, this pair of denim definitely lacks some of the depth and interest of the original style. Something about this silhouette and cut looks a bit uncomfortable, and the back pockets are missing that signature detailing (though we do love the front seam). Still, they're an inexpensive way to feel like you're taking part in the trend without going overboard.

Noisy May Donna Step Hem Jean with Fray Seam Detail, $43, available at ASOS.
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The Verdict: Go With The High Of The Low
To really get the cool-girl effect of this denim trend, we recommend you go with the highest price of the lower-end batch — a.k.a. the $98 Urban Outfitters pair. They have that same authentic, rough-around-the-edges allure as the original Vetements pair, but cost a fraction of the price. That way, you can save your bigger spending for the next It item that comes around, but still feel like you've got your hands on something that makes a statement.

Urban Renewal
Remade Levi's Sliced Pocket Reconstructed Jean, $98, available at Urban Outfitters.

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