Jenna Lyons Isn't The Only One Taking Shopping Requests

crowdemandPhoto: Courtesy of Crowdemand.
Jenna Lyons may have started a major shopping trend, though she probably didn't even intend to. Last week, it was with a scoop-back swimsuit, and now the demand-and-supply model has taken on a new, high-end form with Crowdemand. And, yes, the site's premise is pretty much what you think it is.
Crowdemand — which, for the record, is not affiliated with J.Crew — is a new shopping platform that sells exclusive designer clothing, but only once there are customers for it. Think of this site as Kickstarter meets Of a Kind: It offers products created in small quantities and seeks out "crowders" (a.k.a. pre-orders). If your piece has enough fans and can guarantee a certain amount of purchases, it goes into production and — voilà! — ends up in your closet.
The official launch took place just last week, and Crowdemand has kicked off with a partnership with Cynthia Rowley, to be followed by Whit and Meskita. The offerings (priced from $250 to $2,000) are, admittedly, smaller in variety than what you may find on other major shopping sites. But, what Crowdemand does provide are unique products and — like funding an inspiring Kickstarter campaign — the satisfying feeling of having a bit more skin in the game...especially if your demanded designs come to fruition.
The site promises to have other exciting designers lined up for the future. But, we suggest you start checking it out now. For the next two weeks, all new Crowdemand members who sign up with friends earn $25 to start shopping its products. Check it out for yourself, and start speaking up about what you want to buy next. The fashion industry is listening.

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