9 Lip Balms That Are Anything But Boring

Vanilla lip balm is so…vanilla. Mint and cherry are pretty boring, too. And, unscented lip balm? Yawn. Sure, these are classic crowd-pleasers — there's a reason so many lip balms are available in the same handful of flavors — but isn't your lip-palate far more complex than that?
Although some of our favorite balms fall on the humdrum end of the flavor spectrum, it’s fun to explore the lesser-known, deliciously unconventional taste/scent options. We’re not saying we need a three-course meal in our lip moisturizers, but a little variety can go a long way when it comes to remembering to reapply.
Click through for some of the most interesting, yummy, and un-vanilla (literally) lip-balm flavors we’ve uncovered.
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Photo: Via The Gnarly Whale.
This vegan balm uses coconut oil, mango butter, and grapefruit extract to condition and un-chap lips, but all you’ll smell is your favorite childhood sandwich.
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Photo: Via Smith's.
You’re probably familiar with Smith’s cult-classic Rosebud Salve, but their most inventive flavor brings together their go-to rose scent with chocolate-coffee sweetness.
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Photo: Via Stewart & Claire.
This Brooklyn brand’s idea of spring is the herbal scent of tarragon. It’s hard to argue with such a fresh interpretation!
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Photo: Via TokyoMilk Dark.
Smoking? Bad idea. This luxurious lip balm? Awesome idea. That familiar clove scent is blended with lavender, rose, cinnamon, and a touch of vanilla bean for a sultry result.
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Photo: Via Miss Ferling.
This luminous Parisian lip balm is made with softening violet and nourishing almond butter, which are the very two things it smells like.
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Photo: Via Lulu Organics.
A member of the ginger family, cardamom adds a spicy twist to the mint and tangerine in this certified-organic balm.
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Photo: Via Lip Smacker.
Yep, Lip Smacker is still around, and they still offer some of the most creative flavors available. This savory balm is a nice alternative to all the sweet flavors out there.
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Photo: Via Atlantic Farms.
If you love beer with a hoppy finish, you’ll probably love this balm. It’s made with strong, citrusy hops — like you’d find in an India Pale Ale — and finished off with a little stevia for sweetness.
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Photo: Via Ganache For Lips.
This lip balm may not be molded into a whimsical little shape like marzipan usually is, but it makes up for that by being made with award-winning Scharffen Berger chocolate and almonds, just like the real thing.
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