The Broke Girl's Guide To Summer Sandals

Sun's out, toes' out — that's how the saying goes, right? Regardless, our piggies have been begging for some vitamin D, and we're not ones to say no. All that's missing is the perfect pair of sandals to put our warmth-craving tootsies on display. And, with all the summertime RSVP's rolling in, you're going to need a couple (or three, or four...) for every occasion, too. So, to help you make the most of your summer budget, we found the best digit-bearing footwear under $100 to ring in the season without stretching your wallet. If the shoe fits — and costs less than a Benjamin — it probably looks best in our closets. 
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The Lace-Up Sandal
These elegant, olive-hued sandals will step up your look when you just don't feel like wearing heels.
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Who put the glad in gladiator? Oh, that was you.
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A lightweight lace-up for long days on your feet.
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To the farmers' market we go!
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The Buckled Sandal
Seriously, buckle up.
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The extra stability looks pretty badass, if you ask us.
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The soft-pink straps offset the shiny metal buckles.
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Treat your feet to brushed silver.
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The Shower Slide
Yes, your shower shoes of yesteryear are chic now. Embrace it.
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Even better for brunch than by the pool.
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The gem-like shell makes this sandal look cool from every angle.
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No slipping, just sliding in these iridescent beauties.
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The Track-Sole Sandal
What's a little extra height when you've got a grippy sole?
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The 90's-tourist footwear look has never looked better.
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Picture yourself propped up poolside with these platform slides.
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The velcro fastening gives this sandal an extra throwback vibe.
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Just try to find something in your wardrobe that these sandals won't go with. We dare you.
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The Espadrille Hybrid
When life imitates fashion, these sandals rise to the top of our tropical-vacay packing list.
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Business in the toes, open-back d'Orsay silhouette (with a feminine ankle strap) in the heel.
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An oldie meets a goodie in this espadrille-soled slide.
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The Criss-Cross Sandal
Cross your heart, and hope to never get blisters again with these mellow sandals.
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"Slip into something more comfortable..." Well, don't mind if we do.
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The texture adds a high-end twist to a super-casual silhouette.
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Carry spring pastels into the summertime with a stronger shade of lilac.
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The Disco Sandal
Sling back, relax, and let the jewels do the talking.
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Better than a diamond necklace (and certainly much more affordable).
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As if your killer moves aren't enough (doubtful), let these jeweled beauties catch the light and brighten up the dance floor.
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Because your off-duty kicks could use a little embellishment.

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