10 Beautiful Tattooed Brides Who Refused To Cover Up Their Ink

Planning a wedding is all about big decisions. For many brides, that includes choosing exactly what they'll look like when they walk down the aisle. Will I wear my hair up or down? Go with a veil or try a tiara? Strapless gown or mermaid-cut?

Brides with tattoos often find themselves with an additional choice to make: whether to flaunt or conceal their ink. While there's no right or wrong answer, we spoke with 10 women who chose to proudly display their tattoos — which resulted in some absolutely stunning wedding looks. See the pics and find out why they refused to cover up their body art, ahead.
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Photo: Anja Verdugo.
Ian Foster & Erin Friedmann Foster
"Each element of our wedding day felt like such a true reflection of who we are as a couple — effortless, fuss-free, and a little badass. At no step during the planning process did we abandon our identity to fulfill some tradition or expectation. Keeping with this approach, as a bride, I loved showing off my tattoos because they are a part of my identity — and what better time to bring your full identity than your wedding day? Side note: Instead of having the flower girls dole out petals, we had them hand out tiny temporary tats that many of the guests donned at the reception!"
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Dinah Chen McAnally
"I would never cover my tattoos. I wanted to be a different bride — I wanted to keep it traditional, creative, and badass at the same time."
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Photo: Sara Johnson.
Deisy Solis-Maurer & Michael Maurer
"The people who know me the most always tell me that they no longer notice my tattoos anymore; [that] they are as much a part of me as my big smile or dark hair. Which is great for me, because I feel as if my skin and how I decorate it is only a very small part of who I am."
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Nikki Gort
"I'm a hairdresser, so a lot of my clients asked what I was going to do to my hair and tattoos, and I was like, 'What do you mean?' This is who I am, and I'm not covering up or changing my hair for one day. I never even thought about those things until I had a fair few people ask, so it made me a bit sad that a lot of people think you need long hair and non-tattooed skin to be a bride."
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Taneh & Bradley Reicks
"Being a proudly tattooed woman it was important to me to let my personality and my tattoos add to the elegance of our day in a tasteful manner, without necessarily putting a spotlight on them or upsetting anybody's sensibilities. Our families and friends had advice for both covering up and showing off my tattoos, mostly supportive...some judgmental. My tattoos are a large part of who I am and the idea of covering them up felt like I would be lying on a day meant for giving yourself fully to another person."
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Hally Cloninger & Lou Winifred Cloninger
"I think it was fun and sort of challenging to find dresses that would show all of our tattoos. The tattoos and the stories behind them were part of the wedding, because they told the story of our relationship. We actually weren't told to cover them up throughout the planning experience, so it was nice to feel that freedom of being able to express ourselves — especially since I'm a very shy person, I prefer to speak through my tattoos." Hally
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Daisy & Leigh Kerrigan
"I never thought about covering my tattoos on my wedding day; they are a big part of who I am. When I first started getting tattoos, my mum was horrified, and I remember her saying, 'What on earth will you look like in a wedding dress?!' Moving forward a few years, and everyone told me how much my dress and tattoos complemented each other."
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Marissa Busheé
"I never considered covering them. I have love because I love them, I think of them as my full-time accessories, and all of my invitees know I have them, so covering them would just entail me not really being true to who I am — and that's just not me."
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Christine Bartolillo
"My suggestion to every bride: Wear the dress that you feel amazing in, whether your tattoos are showing or not. Don't even let it be a factor, because in the end, the day is such a whirlwind it won't even be on your mind!"

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