How To Flirt With Strangers On Vacation

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen really had their vacation hookup game figured out. Their movies always seemed to include plot lines that found the twins effortlessly charming unsuspecting suitors while on vacation. To wit: They've had onscreen flings on multiple continents. We're not all working with an Olsen's wardrobe and charisma, though, which is why we've got a few practiced pickup lines on-hand for any time we want to make some out-of-town magic.
Vacation is the perfect opportunity to try on some different personas and flirt with strangers. You really have nothing to lose, because if it doesn't work out, you'll be gone in a number of days. And while MK-and-A's vacation crushes always remained safely PG, you may just set yourself up to have stellar vacation sex while you're at it.
Ahead are some one-liners and conversation starters to try on your next getaway — whether you're traveling solo or with your twin sister. If all else fails, you could always make a billboard advertising that you're single, and see what happens.
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Mind if I camp out here and use this outlet?

Use it: if you're stuck in an airport during a layover.

Why it works: Meeting people on an airplane is always a little intimidating because there's a time limit. But if you can cozy up to a cutie (who also happens to be next to an outlet that you need), it'll make talking to them on the flight less intimidating.
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Can you take my photo? I came here just for the 'Gram.

Use it: when you're around a popular tourist spot.

Why it works: Asking strangers to take your photo on vacation is a very normal thing to do. Who knows? They might want to exchange Insta handles.
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Do you think you could translate this for me?

Use it: if you don't understand the language.

Why it works: Asking someone for help, or being slightly self-deprecating, can be an easy way into a conversation, because people like to be helpful.
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Tell me: Where do the locals go to party?

Use it: when you're renting a surfboard at your hotel.

Why it works: Even if you don't end up hooking up, at least you'll get the scoop on the best hangouts.
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Are you guys coming from the beach? Is it worth a trip?

Use it: in a car-share.

Why it works: The real reason why you should always use a car-share option when you're hailing a ride (besides helping the environment, or whatever) is to meet people. You'll probably know their name (because it shows you on the app you're using), so just be friendly and chatty.
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Do you have any restaurant tips for solo travelers?

Use it: on the plane.

Why it works: You don't have to dance around the fact that you're traveling solo, and they might want to join you. It happened in Master of None and almost worked out.
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Did you just use Amortentia?

Use it: at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.

Why it works: Should you happen to find yourself at one of the Harry Potter theme parks, your knowledge of this specific love potion will send the message that you're interested and know a lot about Harry Potter (which will be impressive to anyone you'd want to bed down).
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Do you happen to have the Wi-Fi password?

Use it: in a hotel lobby.

Why it works: Pull up a chair next to them, or sidle up on the same big couch. Get comfortable. Order a few drinks. Start chatting. If it doesn't work out, you've got your phone, and whatever it was you had to do online. If it does, though — you're already at the hotel.

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