How To Break Out of A Sunglasses Style Rut

Sunglass trends can be tough to keep up with. Classic styles are constantly shapeshifting into new, of-the-moment iterations. But just because your favorite sunnies keep getting facelifts doesn't mean you have to feel lost in a bright-light abyss.

We've done the guesswork for you and gathered the best trends you need to see. From cat-eyes to D-frames and everything in between, we've got you covered. And as a bonus (and a reference), you'll also find the classic version of each style that is just as dope, but a wee bit more understated. Yep, all your sunglass prayers are about to be answered. Now bask in that heavenly glow.
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The cat-eye has become a go-to due to its versatility. With wide, narrow, rounded, and angular versions all over the market, this retro style can flatter any face shape. So when it comes to an update...
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...try a version with fun detailing, like this scalloped pair. It still has the same lines as the old standby, but with extra attitude.
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Cut-off sunglasses give rounded, otherwise obvious frames a bit of edge.
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To update this look, try a more angular pair. Hey, if you're going edgy, take it to the limit or go home.
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D-shape sunglasses are an easy throw-on because of the relaxed and go-with-anything lines.
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For something fresh, pick a pair with sharper corners to make things feel a bit sportier.
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Sunglasses with no nose bridge put the focus on your face...
8 of 12 try a mirror-on-mirror pair to amp things up.
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Typically, two-tone frames have an ombré look, with the top darker than the bottom.
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For something new, try frames that are two separate colors, which change as you move toward the perimeter.
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Not too long ago, opaque white sunglasses felt tacky. The more translucent, the better...
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...but opaque is back when it comes to sleek, rounded frames, like this oval pair.

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