The Lazy Girls' Guide To The Most Productive Weekend EVER

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The start of fall is the start of our lazy season. It's the precursor to days spent indoors sipping hot chocolate (and feeling less guilty about bingeing Gilmore Girls all day long). All too soon, it'll be cold and wet, and the thought of leaving your apartment to face the elements is just unbearable.

That's when apps become a necessity. You've probably used TaskRabbit for help with moving or ordered Seamless on a Monday night. But there are other apps and services that make it possible to actually run a full day's errands without leaving your couch.

You can have a stylist come cut your hair, a delivery person return your online shopping purchases that didn't fit quite right, and even a trainer to lead you through a yoga session. Some might call this being lazy. We prefer to think of it as a way to have the most productive (but still relaxing) day, ever. Think about it: You won't have to deal with traffic or lugging around bags. Plus, you can even save some money while you're at it.

On a chilly day — or just a day when you could really use some R & R — try out these seven apps.
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Photo: Doorman.
If You Feel Like Online Shopping: Doorman (free, iOS and Android)

Costs: $19/month for unlimited deliveries or $29/month for unlimited deliveries and shipping pickups.

Even if your tiny walk-up apartment lacks a doorman, you can still have one on hand. The aptly named Doorman app makes it easy to have someone pick up and deliver your online shopping or deal with your returns. The best part, though, is that the service is available until midnight, so you can get purchases to your door after close of business.
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Photo: Cleanly.
If You Need To Do Laundry: Cleanly (free, iOS)

Costs: Regular laundry is $1.50/pound with a $4.99 delivery fee for same-day service.

Cleanly will come to you to get your laundry and dry cleaning — and bring it back within 24 hours. Our favorite part, though, is the app's attention to stains. Just take a photo of any coffee spills that you need erased and add it to your order.
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Photo: GetMyRx.
If You Need To Get A Prescription: GetMyRx (free, iOS and Android)

Costs: Nothing extra — just pay your usual copay.

If you're sick with a cold, the last thing you want to do is go to CVS to pick up a prescription. Instead, download GetMyRx. The app lets you scan a paper prescription or easily refill one. Then, it brings it straight to your door. That way, you don't have to deal with the lines that always seem to take forever at pharmacy counter (or the threat of picking up additional germs while you wait).
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Photo: Priv.
If You Need A Trim Or Want To Snip It All For The Lob: Priv (free, iOS and Android)

Costs: A haircut with blowout is $100, which includes tip.

Skip having to wait at the salon for your stylist and have her come straight to you. Priv lets you prick your pro and schedule everything from a haircut to manicures and massages.
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Photo: Wag!.
If You Want A Dog Walker For The Day: Wag! (free, iOS and Android)

Costs: $20/walk

And while you're getting your hair cut, you can have someone take your yellow lab for a stroll. Wag! lets you schedule an on-demand walker or sitter, or set up a recurring doggie date. And for anyone who likes to really keeps tabs on their pup's business, you can get notifications through the app when your dog pees and poops. TMI?
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Photo: Fitspot.
If You Want To Say Om At Home: Fitspot (free, iOS)

Costs: $59 for a one-on-one appointment or $70 for two people.

If you feel like moving a bit, but don't want to leave home, download Fitspot. You can schedule classes such as CrossFit, yoga, and boxing, but instead of heading to a gym, your trainer comes to you. He or she will bring all the equipment, so you don't need to worry about not having a punching bag on hand.
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Photo: DoorDash.
If You Want Bagels & Coffee, Stat: DoorDash (free, iOS and Android)

Costs: Depends on location, but there are many $1.99 delivery deals.

Yes, there's always Seamless and UberEats, but the latter is limited to certain cities and Seamless can get pricey. DoorDash offers discounted $1.99 deliveries and makes it easy to search by food type, price, and speed. Your perfect hangover cure can make it to your apartment in a flash.
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