The "Greatest Thing To Happen To Skin Care" Just Got Better

baidenbackPhoto: Courtesy of Baiden Mitten.
Introducing Worth It, the series where we personally test-run some of the more oddball, high-priced, or hard-to-find products to determine whether they merit the effort or the cash. Here, you'll find a no-BS rundown of some of the beauty buys you've always wondered about, from wacko ingredients to buzzy, new tools.
There are two things in this world that I will never get over: Paris and the Baiden Mitten.
If you're not familiar with the world's most spectacular exfoliating device, for the love of sweet baby Blue Ivy, GET FAMILIAR. On the one hand, it's a simple exfoliation glove. On the other, it's the greatest thing that's ever happened to skin care, if not the world. This was the product that inspired the entire Worth It column, and to this day if anyone within earshot mentions exfoliation, I will run — run — to barge in on their conversation, preaching the Gospel of Baiden. It is just that good.
I've converted many congregants to the Baiden sect, and like me they've been thrilled to see not just the immediate results of this tool, but the cumulative effect of regular use. Like Baby Foot, the Baiden Mitten is one of those gross-amazing products that leaves you staring at a pile of dead skin, then demanding friends stroke your newly soft body, whether or not they want to. So, when Victoria Winnard introduced two new additions to her legendary line, I went ALL CAPS WITH EXCITEMENT.
Drumroll please. May I introduce the Baiden Lite and the Baiden Back Scrub.
The first is a mitten designed specifically for facial skin (or delicate skin). While many people use the original Baiden Mitten on their face, it is all too easy to get over-excited with that baby and wind up with red cheeks. I speak from chafed experience. When dry, the Baiden Lite feels quite similar to the original Baiden Mitten, but the difference is significant.
As instructed, I applied a dot of cleanser to the glove and massaged my face lightly in a diagonal back-and-forth motion up and down my cheeks. As expected, you won't see sheets of skin rolling off your face the way you will when Baiden-ing your bod. The first time I used it, I didn't feel much of anything, but my face did come out shiny as a new penny — no tightness and no irritation. The dot of cleanser is really just a light barrier between your face and the glove. But, using such a small amount prevented any kind of stripped feeling that often comes with serious exfoliation.
For my second round, I consciously avoided any kind of exfoliating in the week prior. Though you can absolutely use this glove effectively in the shower, I still like to take a bath (which is required for the body Baiden Mitten). It gets the blood flowing, warming up my face, inside and out, and making it easier to shed dead skin. (How many times have I typed the phrase shed dead skin since starting this series — like a thousand?)
This time around, I actually noticed what felt like teeny-tiny granules, as the mitten sloughed over my face. It wasn't the crazy rolls of satisfying gunk that show up when I Baiden my chest or, ahem, butt. But, it was still a deeply satisfying experience. I did have to hold myself back from overdoing it, though. Remember, folks: This is your face. It's probably/hopefully not that filthy.
But, never fear! If you want gunk, you've got it. The Baiden Back Scrub is simply a larger, longer Baiden Mitten that's designed to help you get those hard-to-reach places (like the entire back of your body). And, man oh man, is it addictive.
baidenlitePhoto: Courtesy of Baiden Mitten.
Now, the original Baiden Mitten does a fine job on your upper and lower back — if you're super flexible and willing to work for it. I'm not kidding when I say that I've overexerted myself in this area and, thanks to the effort plus the hot bath, wound up lightheaded. But, the Back Scrub takes all the desperate reaching out of the equation. No soap allowed — just soak in the tub for a good 15 to 20 minutes, then get ready to scrub. Simply grab the handles on either end and rub it back and forth across your back, butt, thighs, etc. Now. Look down at the tub. AAAHH! Quick, take a look at your Baiden Back Scrub — eeewww! But, a really, really amazing "ew," right?
The Baiden Back Scrub kept me crazy smooth all summer, to the point where I actually purchased a bare-shoulder dress for a wedding simply to show off. Well. Not really, but yes, kind of, really. I wasn't exactly riddled with bacne before, but I have been entirely blemish-free since using this thing on a weekly basis.
As expected, I am wholly enamored with all three of my Baiden Mitten products at this point and expect to never shut up about them, ever. I haven't purchased a single additional exfoliation product since acquiring them. I have no idea why they're so good, but I'm not going to ask questions.

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