Zara Is Actually Making Us Excited For Winter

Some would argue that Zara is a go-to for spring and summer, and frankly, we have to agree; its tees, shorts, and floral dresses are always on-point. But, for whatever reason, it's the colder months when we love Zara most — and that's probably because we can get coats and sweaters that look like a million bucks for, well...not a million bucks. And this season, the retailer is definitely delivering.

Its latest drop, which inches closer and closer to heavy-layer territory, is tackling the entire trend spectrum, from that sparkly, shoulder-padded disco theme we're seeing everywhere to the more modest, covered-up styles that have recently gone mainstream. So whether you want to get a jumpstart on holiday dressing with some serious bling, or are simply looking to stock up on some fun sweaters and high-neck tops, consider Zara — once again — your one-stop shop.

Zara Velvet Top with Fringe, $49.90 Buy
Zara Pleated Dress, $69.90 Buy
Zara Oversized Hooded Sweatshirt, $35.90 Buy
Zara Satin Court Shoes, $55.90 Buy
Zara Straight Jeans with Velvet Band, $69.90 Buy
Zara Long Shiny Earrings, $19.89 Buy
Zara Textured Cardigan with Fringe, $89.90 Buy
Zara Oversized Beaded Sweater, $69.90 Buy
Zara Polka Dot Midi Skirt, $49.90 Buy
Zara Polka Dot Blouse, $49.90 Buy
Zara Draped Shift Dress, $149.00 Buy
Zara Asymmetric Skirt, $69.90 Buy
Zara Checked Coat, $119.00 Buy
Zara High Neck Top, $89.90 Buy
Zara High Neck Top, $89.90 Buy
Zara Thick Corduroy Trousers, $69.90 Buy
Zara Shimmery V-Neck Dress, $69.90 Buy
Zara Velvet Kimono, $89.90 Buy
Zara Shimmery Velvet Trousers, $69.90 Buy
Zara Floral Print Dress , $69.90 Buy
Zara Checked Skirt, $39.90 Buy
Zara Ribbed Sweater, $25.90 Buy
Zara Ribbed Sweater, $25.90 Buy
Zara Floral Jaquard Sweater, $69.90 Buy
Zara Leather Biker Ankle Boots, $119.00 Buy
Zara Double Sided Coat, $149.00 Buy
Zara Coat with Shoulder Pads, $169.00 Buy
Zara Masculine Coat, $169.00 Buy
Zara Suede Oversized Crossbody Bag, $79.90 Buy
Zara Glitter Sweater, $69.90 Buy
Zara Checked Wide-Leg Trousers, $49.90 Buy
Zara Long Shiny Dress, $49.90 Buy
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