How To Handle Your Wine-Stained-Mouth Situation

A wine-stained pout, not unlike messy hair, is the kind of thing that looks great when it's intentional. When it's an accident, though? Well, let's just say our actual Cabernet-covered lips don't look exactly like the faded, chic runway lipstick we'd like to replicate. That's kind of a pipe dream.

We love ourselves a good bottle of red, though, so the solution here is not to switch to drinking something less colorful. Instead, we asked makeup artist Anthony Tulve to show us what to do with our lips once they turn more purple than someone's outfit at a Prince concert. He offered two fixes: how to get rid of the wine stain, and how to use it to our advantage.

So, if you find yourself out (or in, as the case may be) with lips that aren't keeping secrets about what you've been drinking, read on.

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Option 1: Neutralize It
If you have the misfortune of waking up with a stained mouth, there's a way to tone it down. Tulve says, "Take a hydrating lip scrub and [gently] go to town." And, he adds, "For that pesky, up-all-night dehydration, use your toothbrush to help slough off some of that dead skin."
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After you're done scrubbing, apply a lip primer like this green-based one. "The green tint helps kick down the remaining redness in the lip," Tulve explains.
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Next, line and fill your lips with a nude or neutral lip liner — the closer to your natural (unstained) lip color, the better.
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For the final step, apply a creamy, neutral-hued lipstick. "Take the same color and draw Xs on your cheeks, and blend them out to fake a well-rested, luminous flush," the makeup artist suggests.
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Option 2: Just Going With It
So, let's say you had a glass of wine right before going out. At this point, it's probably best to just use it to your advantage rather than trying to start over. The first thing to do, says Tulve, is hydrate those lips with a balm.
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Next, blot your lips to absorb any excess moisture from the balm. "Take a wine-colored lip pencil and fill in the center of your lips, buffing outwards to the edges," Tulve says.
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Then, he says, "Line the edges of the lip with a clear lip pencil. This will help prevent...color from bleeding out."
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Finally, grab your favorite darker lipstick, and concentrate it in the center of your lip, patting it outwards with your finger. "This will give you a softer version of the fall vampy lip," says Tulve. And, he adds, no one has to know what you did to get it.
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