8 Reasons Why Being Single During The Holidays Is Actually Rad

The holidays are usually considered the worst time of year to be single. Between the family get-togethers, the seemingly millions of engagements, and the record number of parties to attend between Thanksgiving and New Year's, your single status can feel more apparent than ever. And going it alone can feel, well, lonely.

But, if you take a step back and think about it, single people have a lot to be thankful for this time of year. While your partnered counterparts are stressing over gift swaps and where to spend their holidays, you're a completely free agent. The world is your Thanksgiving feast, and you can go back for seconds if you damn please!

So if you're feeling blue about not having someone to share the most wonderful time of the year with, we're here to say cheer up. Ahead, we've rounded up a handful of reasons why being solo during the holiday season totally kicks ass.

illustrated by Tristan Offit.
There's no arguing about where to spend the holidays.

When you're partnered up, figuring out how to spend the holidays in a way that makes everyone happy can be more difficult than solving the riddle of the Sphinx. But when you're solo, your plans are your own.
illustrated by Tristan Offit.
You've got one less person to buy gifts for.

It can be really difficult figuring out what to buy your significant other — especially if it's a new relationship. One of the benefits of facing the holiday season uncoupled is that stress never comes into your life — and you can spend that extra dough on yourself.
illustrated by Tristan Offit.
There's no need to make excuses for your crazy uncle.

You know that one family member you've got who always says the most inappropriate things after a few eggnogs? Instead of trying to explain his behavior to your partner, you can just roll your eyes and leave the room.
illustrated by Tristan Offit.
You only go to the parties you want to go to...

Unless you're a really amazing friend, you're likely not being dragged around to company parties you want no part of if you're single. That means there's no drinking bad wine out of red solo cups while you make awkward small talk with your partner's coworkers.
illustrated by Tristan Offit.
...and you can leave the party early.

Not feeling the holiday spirit? You can sneak out completely unsuspected without having to rally someone else to bail.
illustrated by Tristan Offit.
You don't have to stress about meeting your S.O.'s family.

Spending time with someone else's family isn't always relaxing, but meeting their family for the first time makes the holidays feel even more high-stakes. For single folks, the only family we have to recon with is our own.
illustrated by Tristan Offit.
It's a surprisingly great time to meet someone new.

Between the parties, all the traveling, and the general feeling happiness in the air, this time of year is an amazing time to bump into someone new. Keep your eyes peeled during that ugly sweater party you were invited to. You may wind up meeting your very own holiday present.
illustrated by Tristan Offit.
But it's also a great time to focus on yourself.

If you're content in your solo status, now is the time to revel in it. Take advantage of the chilly temps by cozying up at home with your favorite holiday movie! Treat yourself to something you've been wanting to splurge on all year! Sing along to Mariah Carey at the top of your lungs in your empty apartment! It's also the perfect time to focus on yourself and figure out what you want heading into the new year. The holidays are what you make them, so why not make 'em happy?
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