How To Have Sex In Public — & Not Get Caught

Let's be clear about this: Having sex in public is technically illegal in many states, but that doesn't stop people from wanting to do it. Public sex can be considered a misdemeanor crime, and some states have specific laws about indecent exposure (like exposing your genitals) and lewd acts (like having sex) — both of which are somewhat required in order to have a public hookup.

But the fact that it is against the law makes it taboo, which makes people want to do it even more, says Sadie Allison, PhD, AASECT-certified sexologist and author of Ride ‘Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking. "The fear of getting caught gives an adrenaline rush that generates excitement and energy throughout your body, which can enhance the physical experience," she says. For some people, the chance that they could be seen by a passerby could be a turn-on.

That said, if you are intrigued by the thought of having sex in public, it's your responsibility to make sure that you're being courteous to the people around you. No one should be forced to watch someone else have sex, and public masturbation is a form of street harassment.

While we'd never encourage or condone illegal behavior, there are a few ways that you can experience the rush of public sex without having to worry about lawyering up. Some of these tips from Dr. Allison are strictly for the sake of fantasy, and others are practical advice for having a hookup in public. Either way, just be careful and don't get caught.

Send Sexts

The safest way to have public sex is just to do it in your imagination. While you're in a public place with your partner, send them a sext that you're fantasizing about having sex right now, Dr. Allison says. Describe where you want to have sex, and dictate the sensations happening in your body that they can't see. Or, if you're not actually together IRL, "include sexy photos sneakily taken in public places," she says.
Pretend To Be Strangers

If you and your partner usually commute home together, pretend that you're complete strangers checking each other out, Dr. Allison says. "Take a crowded bus or train, and discreetly rub against your partner," she says. Then you can have sex once you're in the comfort of your own home.
Use Toys

Remote-controlled vibrating underwear exists for this exact fantasy. Dr. Allison recommends the Club Vibe 3.OH, which has a special "Club Setting" that adjusts the vibrator settings based on sounds. So, if you and your partner are at a club or bar that's playing music, the vibrations will pulse in time with the music.
Show PDA

"For some, PDA isn't a normal activity," Dr. Allison says. If you and your partner don't typically make out or get hands-on in front of other people, do it in a bar or some other relatively appropriate spot. "To add some exhibitionism excitement without getting too frisky, have a long, sloppy make out and necking session where you know people can see you," she says. Set a time and a place, and agree to make out for four minutes or so, to make it more sensational than your usual peck, she suggests.
Get Off The Beaten Path

You want to have sex somewhere you might get caught, but you should also choose a location that allows you to have time to jet if you hear someone coming, like an empty park or trail at night, Dr. Allison says. Better yet, choose a place that's buffered by distance or natural barriers that will cover your genitals, she says. "Like up on a balcony, out on a fire escape, on a rugged hillside, or on a rooftop ringed by taller buildings," she says.
Find The Bathroom

If you want to have a quickie in a public venue, a single-stall bathroom would be the ideal location to do it, Dr. Allison says. "Do it doggy-style over the sink in a nice public restaurant," she says. But keep in mind that in many states, a public restroom is considered a "public facility," so you really do not want to get caught hooking up at your go-to date restaurant.
Keep It Simple

When you're having sex outside, it might not be the best time to try wild new sex positions that require a spotter. "Keep it comfortable and practical, so standing doggy-style may often be a good choice," Dr. Allison says. And some other practical advice that's worth repeating: Wear easy-access clothing, like a skirt and no underwear, she says.
Do It In Your Own House

There are ways to have "public sex" in your private home and, from a legal standpoint, that might be your best bet. "Find shared spaces within your own home that are outside of the bedroom," she says. Try having sex in the kitchen, backyard, or by your own pool, she suggests. If you park your cars in an indoor garage, try putting down a blanket and having sex on top of it, she says.
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