Purge These 10 Items From Your Kitchen ASAP

Someone, somewhere made spring cleaning a thing — but what about the other seasons? If warmer weather represents a time when floors should be washed, shelves dusted, and trinkets regulated, then what about those colder times? Well, we've officially decided to designate winter as the season of kitchen purging. Because after all that holiday hoarding, your fridges and cupboards may be looking more than a little overstuffed with half-eaten and stale boxes of who knows what?

It only makes sense to cut back on your pantry clutter during wintertime since these are our prime hibernation months and freshly-stocked edible essentials are key. So why not make some extra room? It's high time to get rid of all that crap you just haven't used — and tbh, probably never will. Join us ahead in saying farewell to the ten items in your kitchen that you need to kiss goodbye, NOW.

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Photographed By Amelia Alpaugh.
Mixed Bags Of Open Nuts
All those opened bags of near-empty almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts that haven't been sealed properly and are probably spilling onto your shelves? Either toss them OR consolidate and make yourself some trail mix (if they aren't already stale).
Photographed By Jackie Alpers.
Old Honey Jars That Have Sealed Themselves Shut
It's hard to throw away honey — that sweet stuff lasts forever. But it's really time to say goodbye when the lid calcifies shut and you can't even open the damn thing.

*Last ditch effort: Try running the bear under hot water to loosen and revive.
Photo: Getty Images.
Different Bottles Of Random Oils & Vinegars
Pick your favorite one or two types of vinegar and oil that you use regularly. Keep those in your cupboard. All the others that are probably living sad, unused lives on your already too crowded shelves — set them free.
Photo: Getty Images.
Random Bags Of Dried Beans
When is the last time you used a bag of dried beans? Ditch the bean bags people — or make a soup, NOW.
Photo: Getty Images.
Spice Blend Medleys That You Never Use
It's time to toss the random assortment of spice blends you never use that were either gifted from relatives or picked up as souvenirs — instead, focus on streamlining your seasoning essentials (e.g. salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin, cayenne, red pepper flakes, chile powder, etc.).
Photographed By Eric Helgas.
Mismatched Tupperware Containers With Missing Lids
You know, the ones whose lids you keep thinking will resurface? Send them to the tupperware farm upstate — and invest in a new, well-matched set.
Photographed By Rockie Nolan.
Opened Half Boxes Of Pasta
You made pasta that one time and thought it'd be smart to save the other half — that one time was almost six months ago. Either consolidate or toss it.
Photographed By Amanda Ringstad.
Old Unwrapped Chocolate Bars
Chocolate may be the hardest thing to say goodbye to — but when that wrapper gets overly crumbly and there's a chalky film over those squares, the trash time has come.
Photo: Getty Images.
Rock Solid Brown Sugar
Brown sugar is a cookie baking necessity — but when you haven't baked a batch in who knows when, it's time for a consistency check. If it's solidified, say goodbye.

*Last ditch effort: Wrap the block of solid brown sugar in damp paper towels and microwave on high for 30 seconds to soften.
Photo: Getty Images.
Assorted Opened Crackers That Are Undoubtedly Stale
Chances are those countless boxes of opened, leftover crackers are already stale — and if not, they probably only have a handful (at most) left for snacking.
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