Olivia Wilde's Minimalist Beauty Routine Is Just As Cool As You'd Expect

Olivia Wilde is one of those people that make you wonder if she has more hours in a day than the rest of us. The recent star of Broadway's most infamously demanding play also takes care of two young children, jumps at any opportunity to march for human rights and political reform, and constantly frequents the late-night circuit — with the charm and wit of someone who got 10 hours of sleep, not four.

So, when Into The Gloss posted her Top Shelf, we were dying to know the ins and outs of her undoubtedly low-key, cool-girl routine. And, of course, we weren't disappointed. Not only is her cabinet chock-full of editor faves like RMS and Ursa Major, but she also insists her practice is just like the next girl's — that is "unless the next girl is Kim Kardashian, because in my imagination she sleeps with her fingers in individual silk pillowcases."

We picked apart her routine so you can shop it in the slides ahead. And don't worry: Even Wilde doesn't always find the time to wash her face, either.

Before launching into her routine, Wilde is quick to point out that it's more than just powders and creams to her. "I do enjoy how a bit of makeup can transform my mood. Whether I'm going to a meeting or a bar, I feel like a superhero changing in a phone booth," she says.
RMS Beauty Volumizing Mascara, $28.00 Buy
Olivia admits she went through a skinny brow phase, but it looks like she found the antidote all these years later. "I've been using Revitabrow and it's fucking working. I just want to share that small victory."
RevitaLash Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner, $110.00 Buy
And now we officially know why Wilde's skin always looks so good.
Glossier Stretch Concealer, $18.00 Buy
Olivia's preferred cream blush is a crowd favorite. Check out how to use it for a pretty monochromatic fall look, here.
Glossier cloud paint, $18.00 Buy
Olivia is a lipstick girl, through and through. She even keeps an extra toothbrush handy to exfoliate and plump her lips first. What a pro.
Rodin Red Hedy Lipstick, $38.00 Buy
RMS' shimmery gold cream imparts a glow that rivals any luminizer on the market; the fact that it's natural is just an added bonus.
RMS Beauty RMS luminizer, $38.00 Buy
To beef up her brows (until that Revitabrow really kicks in), Olivia starts with a Marc Jacobs Eyebrow Pencil...
Marc Jacobs Beauty Marc Jacobs Brow pencil, $25.00 Buy
... and sculpts them with Glossier Boy Brow, a tinted gel.
Glossier Boy Brow, $16.00 Buy
Of course, Wilde uses a natural deodorant. (Even her pits are cool!) We've also tried it, and were surprised by how effective it was.
Agent Nateur Agent Nateur Deodorant , $21.00 Buy
When it comes to caring for her basically see-through skin, Wilde swears by a natural routine. She recently became the brand ambassador for True Botanicals, so it's no surprise that the brand is featured prominently in her morning and evening lineup, but it's nice to know how and when she really uses them — including this cleanser.
True Botanicals Hydrating Cleanser, CLEAR, $48.00 Buy
But Wilde keeps it real, saying that often she skips cleanser and uses a face wipe instead. "When I'm leaving a workout, and am too lazy to shower, I use Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes to clean my skin as I hop on the subway," she told ITG. "They clean and moisturize, which is very helpful."
Ursa Major Natural Tonic-Infused Bamboo Wipes, $24.00 Buy
Wilde also name-dropped her brand's oil, but offered a helpful application tip. "I apply my face oil in a way that actually feels more like a face massage than anything else," she says. "The woodsy, natural fragrance, hitting key pressure points… really does make a difference in how I feel internally."

If you catch us slow-rubbing our oil-slick faces in the bathroom, you now know why.
True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil in RENEW, $110.00 Buy
At night, she couples her skin-care routine with a hot bath. "I also love baths. I don't care how cliché it is. I am a woman who loves a hot, Epsom salt-filled bath.”
Pursoma Bath treatment, $38.00 Buy
An antioxidant booster sounds like something only people in L.A. would use, but the resveratrol and apple extracts in this liquid are legit. And best part: You can mix it into a serum or moisturizer you already love without overhauling your entire routine.
True Botanicals Antioxidant Booster, $90.00 Buy
Wilde alternates with a Vitamin C shot, which is proven to brighten skin — both in studies and in the living proof that is Wilde's ridiculously glowy face. "I try to be kind to my skin. I plan on using it for another 60 years or so," she says.
True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster, $95.00 Buy
And don't worry: The color-chameleon dishes about her hair, too — which is surprisingly healthy given the circumstances. "My hair has been four different colors and cuts this year because of work stuff. I went from long, breastfeeding hair to a short, platinum shaggy bob, to an inky black blunt bob, to whatever it is now—which may be best described as ‘surrendered,'" she says. "I use True Botanicals Shampoo and Conditioner, and when I'm not working I do very little to it."
True Botanicals Nourishing Shampoo - FRESH, $34.00 Buy
True Botanicals Nourishing Conditioner - FRESH, $34.00 Buy
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