What To Get Your Long-Distance Partner — Besides A Trip To See You

When you're in a long-distance relationship, getting your partner a trip to see you is an obvious gift that checks all the boxes: it's useful, thoughtful, and memorable. But depending on your schedule or cashflow situation, buying a plane ticket or taking time off work isn't always doable. Sometimes you have to cave and get your partner an actual thing, which isn't the end of the world.

Ahead, we found the best gifts that will show your long-distance partner that you care. Some of the options will make their alone time feel a little less lonely. Others will make back-and-forth travel a bit more tolerable. And a few of these gifts will help you feel closer as a couple, despite your physical distance.

Whether you live miles apart or are just temporarily out of arm's reach, these are the gifts you want to get your partner.

Photo: Courtesy of Elago.
Prop your phone up on this stand for FaceTime dates that go all night.
elago elago M2 Stand , 19,98 $ 15,99 $, Buy
A pin to celebrate your favorite couple's activity: sending nudes.
Kimoji SEND NUDES PIN, 8,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond.
So they know when it’s time to send you a "goodnight" text.
Bed Bath & Beyond California State Wood Grain Wall Clock, 4,99 $ 3,99 $, Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Leachco.
For the little spoons missing their big spoons.
Leachco Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow - Grey [Grey], 67,98 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lovense.
This vibrator is controlled by a smartphone app and can be turned on from any distance. So, your partner can do the honors of making you orgasm from across the country.
Lovense Lush Bluetooth Egg Vibrator, 99,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Away.
If they’re going to be traveling to come see you, might as well get them a practical suitcase. This one has a built-in phone charger and won’t get lost in a sea of black rolling cases on the luggage carousel.
Away The Carry-On, 225,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Vianel.
A customized lizard skin phone case shows the world who they're texting.
Vianel iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus Case, 120,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Izola.
New dopp kit for all those future overnight trips.
Izola Weather the Storm Shave Kit, 48,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Bloomsy Box.
Send your partner a recurring bouquet of flowers every month that you're away.
Bloomsy Box BloomsyBox M, 43,99 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Minted.
Custom stationery for all those love letters you said you were going to send each other.
Minted tropical wishes personalized stationery, 50,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Pocketo.
This classic planner comes with a two-page map so you can track all your trips.
Poketo Moment Planner in Small, 26,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Le Labo.
A candle to match the perfume you always wear.
Le Labo Santal 26 Candle, 65,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
This bittersweet story of a couple working through their own LDR challenges could give you hope for your relationship — send a copy and keep one, so you can do a book club for two.
Amazon The Sun Is Also a Star (Yoon, Nicola), 15,19 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Uncommon Goods.
Tap this light when you’re thinking about your partner, and their corresponding lamp will simultaneously light up miles away. Cheesy? Yes. Cute? Also yes. Funny way to creep them out in the middle of the night? Sure, that too.
Uncommon Goods Long Distance Touch Lamp, 75,00 $ Buy
Your partner is always game to take a road trip to visit you, so give them a SiriusXM subscription so they can listen to the best tunes along the way.
SIRIUS $50 Prepaid Service Card, 50,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Blue Apron.
Sign the both of you up for Blue Apron and you can cook the same dinner "together" each night.
Blue Apron Blue Apron Meal E-Card, 120,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
Matching mugs with your corresponding states can help keep your coffee ritual unscathed, even when you're away.
Baby Cake Lane STATE to STATE Long Distance Mug, 12,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Fishs Eddy.
How about a Brooklyn-themed dishtowel to remember their home away from home?
Fishs Eddy Brooklyn Dish Towel, 13,95 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lelo.
A millennial pink dildo gives them something to look forward to.
LELO ELISE™ 2, 199,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Artifact Uprising.
Cherishing memories is important when you're in an LDR. Print a photo book of the Instagrams you posted during your last visit so they can re-live them whenever they want.
Artifact Uprising Instagram Friendly Books, 15,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Brookstone.
You can't rub their feet at the end of a long day, but this gift is the next best thing.
Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat, 249,99 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
Start listening to the same Audible book and you can compare notes along the way, like a virtual book club.
Amazon Audible Gift Card, 50,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
This clever New York City-themed picture book will remind them why they moved away in the first place.
Amazon Going Into Town: A Love Letter to New York, 17,11 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond.
People in LDRs can Netflix and chill, too.
Bed Bath & Beyond Deluxe XL Laptop Lap Desk in Black Carbon, 49,99 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Moma Store.
This comfortable neck travel pillow makes those discount bus tickets seem like a good idea after all.
MoMA Ostrich Pillow Go, 54,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lush.
A sexy bath bomb for all your partner's "me time."
Lush Sex Bomb, 7,95 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
So you can both cry to This Is Us together.
Hulu Hulu Gift Card, 7,99 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Lumee.
A light-up phone case, because taking sexy selfies requires just the right lighting.
Lumee LuMee Duo Marble iPhone 8, 7, 6s, 6 Case, 69,95 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Hillflint.
Wearing this college hoodie will remind your partner of all the memories you shared together. But it's made with cashmere yarn, so it's fancier than the ratty sweatshirt they actually wore in college.
Hillflint Michigan Cashmere Hoodie, 225,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.
Fill this cube frame with the fun Polaroid photos you took together.
Urban Outfitters Instax Cube Frame, 10,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Kiehl's.
Upgrade their travel toiletries with this Kiehl's set. It comes with all the fancy night creams that they always forget to pack.
Kiehl's Midnight Must-Haves, 76,00 $ Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Moma Store.
They could probably use another outlet adapter for their travels; this one isn't hideous.
MoMA Store 4-in-1 Travel Adaptor, 22,50 $ Buy
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