What Makes An Instant Eye Cream Instant?

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Neither the strongest cup of coffee nor the coldest shower can make up for a bad night of sleep. However, that definitely doesn't mean we're not going to try our best to fake it. Our bathroom shelves are lined with more eye creams and concealers than we feel comfortable telling you about. But, in light of the inevitable sleep deprivation that accompanies Fashion Week, we decided to figure out how to narrow down our collection into just the stuff that really gets the job done — instantly.

What, exactly, makes an instant eye cream instant? According to Shannon Gallogly, the national education and training manager of Decléor Paris, that instant quality is half illusion and half reality. What creates the illusion? Well, if you're using Decléor's new New Prolagène Lift & Brighten Eye Cream, Gallogly says that the immediate brightness comes from the iridescent quality of the ingredients: "The mica extract and pearl particles combine to bring an illumination to the entire eye area," she says. "It almost feels like a camouflage property is present thanks to the natural minerals."

In addition to superficial fixes, the eye cream also has some great de-puffing action to make our bags, um, pack their bags. Gallogly says that's all thanks to peptides and hyaluronic acid, which hydrate the skin to eliminate the appearance of tiredness.

So, while skin care has yet to innovate something to make us feel more awake, sometimes you just have settle for looking like it. When all is said and done, we're fine with that.

Decléor Prolagène Lift Lift & Brighten Eye Cream, $63, available at Decléor.

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