5 Ways To Wake Up With The Hair Of Your Dreams

Sleep is when your body, skin, mind, and just about every other part of you regenerates. But it's also a smart time to take care of your skin and hair, which can help you shave off precious time getting ready come morning. How? By stopping things like knots, frizz, dents, tangles, and flat hair before they start.

See, by putting your hair up a certain way, protecting your 'do with the right material, and swapping your pillowcase for something that delivers major TLC, you can hit the snooze button all you want. Translation: It's tips and tricks like this that allow bedhead to be a thing of the past. But don't take our word for it — keep clicking for five foolproof pro tips we can all use. Sweet dreams...

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Tip: Invest In A Silk Pillowcase

Turns out, the hair of your dreams begins with what you're sleeping on. "Cotton pillowcases are not good because they can dry out your hair," Dark and Lovely Style Squad Member Derick Monroe says. Instead, opt for a silk pillowcase that helps your hair and skin, like Slip's option. How? The slicker material allows your hair to slip around, causing fewer creases, dents, and knots. Same with your face: You'll have fewer creases when you wake up.

Tip: Silk can be pricey, so there is always satin. It's important to note, however, that silk is a natural fiber, so the pros recommend it more, but most think that satin is still better than cotton when it comes to skin and hair.

Slip Silk Pillowcase - Standard/Queen, $79, available at Sephora.
Spasilk 100-Percent Satin Facial Beauty Pillowcase, $7.99, available at Overstock.
Drybar Slumber Party Silk Pillowcase, $45, available at Sephora.
The Hollywood Silk Solution, $45, available at The Hollywood Silk Solution.
Tip: Try An Overnight Treatment

Sometimes, a deep condition just won't cut it. Luckily, there are tons of overnight hair masks on the market meant for working overtime when your hair's in need of moisture (or just a little pampering). Coat your hair with something like Briogeo's gel-based formula before slipping on a shower cap to restore your bounce.Yes, it needs to be washed out come morning, but you will be left will killer softness.

Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Gel-To-Oil Overnight Repair Treatment, $28, available at Sephora.
And here's a gel-based formula that you don't have to rinse out, which leaves you more time to sleep in.

Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair, $66, available at Net-A-Porter.
Don't be shy while applying this overnight oil. Using an entire vial might seem excessive, but curly hair will soak up the jojoba, sweet almond, argan, and vitamin E oil blend right up. In the morning, you'll be amazed by how soft and luscious your hair feels.

Vernon Francois Overnight~Repair Treatment Oils, $42, available at Sephora.
No time to mask in the shower? Luckily, there's this lightweight formula that soaks in while you sleep, so you wake up to a smooth and shiny head of hair.

Bumble and bumble Bb. While You Sleep Overnight Damage Repair Masque, $49, available at Sephora.
Photo: Via @satinlinedcaps.
Tip: Secure Your 'Do

Silk or satin pillowcases are a good start, but if you're trying to preserve your style and the health of your hair, you can take it a step forward and invest in a silk-lined cap, a bonnet, or a silk scarf. All three are heaven-sent when it comes to retaining moisture, fighting split ends, and beating beadhead.

We've already sang the praises of Grace Eleyae's offerings, which look just like beanies, but do way more good for your 'do.

Grace Eleyae Satin-Lined Cap, $25.95 to $29.95, available at Grace Eleyae.
Evolve Naturally Satin Bonnet, $3.49, available at Target.
Evolve Satin Rectangular Scarf, $4.99, available at Target.

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Photo: Via @lania.teresa.
Tip: Twist (Or Braid) & Shout

Bottom line: Setting your hair before bed is tried and true, which is why twist-outs, braid-outs, and even simple French or three-strand braids are so clutch — no matter your hair length or texture.

When it comes to curls, twist-outs are crucial for forming and refreshing ringlets. They're pretty simple, just assemble a two-strand twist on your damp (or dry) hair as close to the root, making them as big or as small as you'd like. Saturate your section with a curling cream, and saturate your ends as much as possible. Stylist Vernon Francois once told us that sectioning your hair off isn't that important — just make sure that those twists are tight!

Have straight hair? Mist strand with a light hold beach spray or cream, then create a few braids before bed. (You'll find more tips here!)
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