'90s Toys We Wish We Still Had

When you're a kid, you don't really mind when your favorite show cuts to commercial break. The ads for toys are almost as incredible as the programming itself. Plus, how were you supposed to make your birthday wish list without taking a proper inventory about all the crazy stuff you could get? If you grew up in the '90s, you know exactly what we mean.

The truth is that decade had a lot of legitimately amazing toys to offer. Some were so fun and so ingrained in our own personal nostalgia that we'd gladly purchase them today and use them as adults. Ahead, '90s toys we wish we still had in our parents' basement. And, just for fun, we've included the epic commercials that got you interested in them in the first place.

Ribbon Dancer
Rhythm may be a dancer, but ribbon is the dancer.
My Little Pony
Some of them had secret surprises inside, like jewelry and little combs. At the time, this was everything.
Magic 8 Ball
There was a solid few years when every important decision was made based on the 8 Ball's prediction. Of course, at the time we were consulting it for things like, "Will I get asked to the dance?" and "How likely is it that my parents will let me have my own phone line?"
Hot Wheels
There are only two ways Hot Wheels were in your childhood. Option A: You owned a bunch because they were cool and made you wish for your own car when you’re 16. Option B: Your brother owned them, left them all over the floor, and you have several injuries from stepping on them.
Game Boy
Tetris. Dr. Mario. Pokemon. All important. All essential family-road-trip accessories.
Moon Shoes
Like tiny trampolines for your feet!
Dream Phone
Don't blame Disney movies for giving you unrealistic expectations about men. It was so clearly Dream Phone that made you this way. (P.S. Dan was the best looking.)
Beanie Babies
There was a time when having certain Beanie Babies meant you were both the coolest kid in school and likely sitting on a gold mine.
Baby-Sitters Club Mystery Game
I'm still waiting to grow up and be Dawn.
There’s only one way to play Pogs, and that’s for keeps. Bonus points if you had a sick slammer.
Bop It
Turn it! Smack It! Pass It! Bop It! How we all grew up without serious anxiety issues from this game is beyond me.
Doodle Bear
You could literally draw all over this bear, throw it in the washing machine, and have it come out a blank canvas. How cool is that?
Easy Bake Oven
In retrospect, there probably shouldn’t have been a toy that encouraged putting your hands into an oven. But, the treats were so tasty we didn’t even think about safety.
American Girl Dolls
These were a real collector's item — and decidedly less creepy than the porcelain dolls your grandmother bought for you.
Giga Pets
Maybe you were more of a Tamagotchi person. Either way, this was definitely a toy meant to teach responsibility. Though, it kind of ended up being more a lesson about the circle of life.
Guess Who
"Um...is your guy wearing glasses?"
Instilling humility in children since 1975. Also nightmares about that guy and his chin.
Treasure Trolls
A naked creature with a gem for a belly button sounds like a horror-movie character. But, in the '90s, it was just a cool toy.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Admit it: You had an inappropriate crush on Michelangelo.
Super Soaker
Looking back, these are actually a bit violent. A gun is a gun. But, the commercials were so convincing for exacting revenge on Buffy, who was too snooty to invite you to her pool party.
Koosh Balls
Just as fun to toss around as they are to slowly pull apart. And, to be honest, we were buying whatever Tia and Tamara were selling in the '90s.
Puppy Surprise
Guys, this toy is so messed up. You literally rip open the stomach of a stuffed animal to find that smaller puppies have been living inside. It’s like a birthing scene you shouldn’t have witness at the age of 8.
My Size Barbie
The biggest draw on this one is that you could wear all her fancy clothes.
Never totally understood what Gak was. Still don't. But, grownups hated it, which means we NEEDED it.
Mall Madness
Lessons in budgeting and money management? Definitely not. This was all about spending as much as you could with CREDIT CARDS, man.
Pogo Ball
Responsible for many a sprained ankle, which was the cool injury to have in the '90s.
Polly Pocket
Polly had every living space imaginable. And, you could just pack her up and go. The best versions of these doubled as a purse.
The very best thing of all? There's a counter on this ball.
Talkboy or Talkgirl
Macaulay Culkin is directly responsible for how much you wanted one of these.
Trapper Keeper
Listen, this isn't technically a toy. But, you wanted everything Lisa Frank touched. (Still do, actually.)
Sky Dancers
There was nothing quite like setting these things into the air.
Cupcake Dolls
At first glance, it's a cupcake. But, flip that sucker inside out and it's a princess. BRILLIANT.
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