Predict A Great Halloween With These Fortune Teller Costumes

There's no better time than Halloween to tap into your mystical side. And if you're still in search of a costume, a last-minute fortune teller getup could already be waiting in your closet.

Combine bohemian pieces, a flowy skirt and colorful scarves, and top it all off with a heavy application of gold and silver jewelry. The more eclectic and mismatched, the better. If your wardrobe isn't as witchy as you'd like, you could also go the store-bought route and add your favorite mind-reading tools to complete the look. (What, you don't own a crystal ball? Well, keep reading.)

Whether you're looking for an effortless pre-made version or trying to go the DIY route, check out these options, ahead, and we predict a very good Halloween.

Get ready to tell everyone's fortunes by learning the basics of palm reading with this book before the big night.

The Art of Palmistry by Anna Southgate, $9.54, available at Barnes and Noble.
A crystal ball that lights up will add some eerie Halloween mystery to your costume.
Walmart Magic-Light-Orb, $19.97 Buy
The first essential for creating a DIY fortune teller costume is a flowy skirt. A midi- or maxi-skirt with lots of volume and a bright pattern is the perfect base for your costume.
Old Navy Tiered Boho Maxi Skirt for Women, $34.94 $19.97, Buy
A monochromatic set like this breezy one from Free People makes another great base to build upon with your bangles, Tarot cards, and general sense of mysticism.
Free People Stealin' Hearts Set, $118.00 Buy
The space print makes this skirt great for the mystical theme, and it'll also work if you make a last-minute costume change into Miss Frizzle.
ModCloth Finding Inner Pleats Midi Skirt in Planets, $59.99 Buy
If you want a more literal and less subtle approach, go for this Ouija board-printed skirt. It also minimizes the number of props you'll have to carry around, which is always a win.
ModCloth Messages by Moonlight Glow-in-the-Dark A-Line Skirt, $59.99 Buy
Lightweight scarves are an essential accessory for a fortune teller costume. Layer them on around your head, shoulders, and waist to tie your outfit together.
Charming Charlie Open-weave sequin scarf, $7.99 Buy
This light and bright scarf would be great layered together with a few other styles. The tassels add some extra fortune-teller flair.
Charming Charlie Boho Floral Tassel Scarf, $10.00 Buy
This colorful silk scarf is perfect to wrap around your waist and layer over a solid-colored skirt, and it's perfect if you're going as a fortune teller but luxury.
Anthropologie Blush Blossom Silk Scarf, $198.00 Buy
Whatever you're thinking of wearing, add more fringe.
Charming Charlie Floral Burnout Fringe Scarf, $9.99 Buy
You may just want to wear this one with your normal clothes, which we understand — but mishmash it with clashing patters to keep yourself fortune-teller focused.
Anthropologie Folk Garden Silk Scarf, $178.00 Buy
For an easy addition, check out what your local costume store offers to accessorize your costume. The gold coins on this scarf from Party City work great for a fortune teller outfit.
Party City Fortune Teller Scarf, $9.99 Buy
The final step in crafting your fortune teller costume is to drench yourself in jewelry. Think long chains and layering necklaces. The star detailing on this necklace definitely adds to the mystical vibes.
Urban Outfitters Crystal Celestial Lariat Necklace, $20.00 Buy
With a wrap necklace, you don't actually have to pile eight chains around your neck.
Free People Delicate Stone Wrap Bolo, $38.00 Buy
These medallions feel very fortune-teller, especially if you layer this busy chain over a few more plain ones.
Urban Outfitters Hyde Statement Necklace, $34.00 Buy
Have we mentioned layering? Here's another set that does it all.
Charming Charlie Granada Layered Necklace Set, $18.00 Buy
This set with matching earrings makes an easy finish to your DIY costume, or a solid upgrade to a store-bought one.
Charming Charlie Ellena Coin Necklace Set, $20.00 Buy
Big hoop earrings are a fortune teller staple. Add a mystical twist to your costume by getting a pair that also display your zodiac sign, like these from Urban Outfitters.
Urban Outfitters Etched Zodiac Statement Hoop Earring, $18.00 Buy
A simple set of gold bangles is a must-have for any fortune teller and a perfect inexpensive accessory to add to your Halloween costume. Grab multiple sets and stack them up on your wrists as far as you'd like. Bonus points if they jingle when you move to read someone's palm or lay out your tarot cards.
Macy's Hint of Gold Thin Bangle Bracelet Set in 14k Gold over Metal, $70.00 Buy
Take your bangle game a step further by mixing metals and adding different textures.
Charming Charlie Riley Textured Bracelet Set, $16.00 Buy
Your fortune teller look is not complete until it's just a hair shy of Goldmember. Layer on any rings you've got lying around, or spring for a stacking set. The gemstones on these stand out, and bring even more color into your costume.
Charming Charlie Riche Druzy Ring Set, $10.00 Buy
Mix and match midi rings and traditional rings for a unique combination that rivals any fortune teller's jewel-stacked hands.
Charming Charlie Day and Night Midi Ring Set, $10.00 Buy
With a set like this, you can mix and match to find your favorite combination.
Free People Riri Mega Ring Set, $38.00 Buy
Still looking for ways to make your costume a little more glam? Check your local costume store or online for a jeweled headpiece that you can layer over a scarf or wear on its own.
Use this classic prop to finish off your costume.
Walmart Crystal Ball with Stand Halloween Decoration, $11.99 Buy
Want to add a scarier vibe to your Halloween costume? Use this dark crystal ball to predict some spooky fortunes for your friends.

Halloween Express, Animated Eyeball Crystal Ball, $30.99, available at Halloween Express
Looking for the real deal and not just a prop? Get a real crystal ball to really help your costume stand out and take your Halloween instas to another level. No promises on whether it'll actually predict your future, but it can't hurt to try.
Amazon Clear Crystal Ball Globe, $14.99 Buy
Fortune tellers are known for their abilities to communicate with the spirits. See if your costume means you can do the same. Grab a Ouija board for some Halloween entertainment.
Barnes & Noble Classic Ouija, $24.95 Buy
A handy set of tarot cards is an essential for any fortune teller on Halloween. Carry them with you and see what's really in the cards for your night out.
Party City Tarot Cards, $5.99 Buy
Looking for a fancier set of tarot cards? This set from Urban Outfitters comes with a guidebook on the basics of tarot reading, so you can study up on how to tell some real fortunes before stepping out in your costume.
Urban Outfitters The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck And Guidebook Keepsake Box Set By Kim Krans, $39.99 Buy
If you don't have access to some of the necessary items, or simply want to go an easier route, this store-bought costume comes with everything you need, and also comes in plus sizes.
Halloween Costumes Elite Fortune Teller Costume, $119.99 Buy
If you prefer your costumes sexy, check out this flirty fortune teller outfit from Yandy.
Yandy Sexy Fortune Teller Costume, $59.99 Buy
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