We Tried Instagram's Marble Lip Trend — & It Rocks

modeled by Siobhan Atwell at State Management.

This stand-out lip look is only for those with a rock-hard appetite for beauty-based adventure. But if you've spotted the Instagram-favorite trend and just can't bear to head into spring-fling season without it, mastering our marble technique should be the first stop — your pout will look completely marble-ous. It's easier than you'd think, plus out-of-the-box and unexpectedly elegant. Watch the video above for the full technique, and try it yourself using the steps (and inspiration) below.

Step 1. Paint a white lip cream along your top and bottom lips with a fine brush.

Step 2. With a fine tip brush, sketch gray cream flecks along the outer corners of your lips, then soften with lines of white. These are the veins in the marble. Apply as few — or as many — as you see fit.

Step 3. Add a few darker gray lines and squiggle on top, then blend with white.

Step 4. Outline your lips in light gray.

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